The work concerned the realization and modernization of a provincial road in the province of Cremona.
The construction yard has been strongly directed to the
recovery and reuse of materials from recycling, from the bank structure to the surface package. The intervention is noteworthy because it is characterized by the
cold creation of ecobase layer in place of the normal hot base, made with 100% of low environmental impact milled.

Resources needed

The design of this mix envisaged the mixing in the plant of road sifted milled, cement and over-stabilized emulsion. The finishing was done with a finisher as a normal
bituminous conglomerate

Evidence of success

The replacement of the hot base with cold ecobase has allowed, in addition to the high re-use of milled, less environmental impacts due
to the absence of atmospheric emissions and the lower energy consumption, by reducing the energy usually needed to heat the aggregates that make up the hot

Potential for learning or transfer

This work is a clear example of circular economy.
It can be done just with 3 elements: road sifted milled, cement and over-stabilized emulsion.
A company, which wants to work in the next years, should learn this technique.
Main institution
Lombardy region
Lombardia, Italy (Italia)
Start Date
January 2017
End Date
November 2017


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