ICT Meta Cluster is a cooperation project between ICT-clusters in Sweden, Latvia and Estonia, strengthening SME competitiveness and export outside EU and EFTA.
Little or no recognised brand name, limited resources for promotion and difficulties attracting capital are restricting factors for SME exports, This is especially applying to the ICT sector, where the global market competition is fierce. The very small size of domestic markets in the Central Baltic region makes it necessary to go into new markets. The ICT Meta Cluster addresses these export efforts in a focused, innovative and very cost efficient way, by providing a one-stop-shop toolbox including: scouting, feasibility analysis, match making, business counseling, product development and adaption, testbeds, coaching, export market analysis, export readiness services and market supporting for export.

Resources needed

ICT Meta Cluster is a project financed via the Central Baltic programme, total budget: 2 230 878 € (including ERDF co-financing – Sweden 75%, Estonia and Latvia 85% and private contribution 121 196 €).

Evidence of success

The ICT Meta Cluster project reached its goal with 14 first sales, with prospects to increase (target 9). The project identified 166 SMEs (target 120) of which 45 (target 30) received the support from the project. In total, 130 SMEs (target 30) received additional non-financial support from the project.

Potential for learning or transfer

There is good potential for replicability, to
- other sector clusters supporting SME internationalisation and where the cooperation with cluster organisations in other regions/countries in order to join foces to enter specific markets and/or support member companies to create joint business offers with other SMEs can benefit their member companies and increase the possibility to enter new markets
- other cities/regions/countries supporting cluster development and where this working method can be introduced/included in policy as a new/improved tool to support internationalisation
- other types of actors that could benefit from cooperation with ”sister organisations” in other regions/countries
Main institution
Fiber Optic Valley
Norra Mellansverige, Sweden (Sverige)
Start Date
September 2015
End Date
February 2019


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