This GP recovers two programs that promote a strategy for ageing and chronic patien care based on self-care promotion and population education.
At the present time, active ageing (AcA) is a need of modern societies in order to avoid the unsustainability of the Health System. Thus, new innovative approaches to promote the AcA are a must. In this case, this GP was born inside the Health System.Indeed, Basque Country Government is promoting a strategy for ageing and chronic patient care based on self-care promotion and population education. In fact, Osakidetza (Oz) offers the section School of Patients “Osasun Eskola" (OE) where health information is collected through its website.
OE is also working in design innovative training programs for professionals to acquire educator competences, to reinforce self-care for patients and caregivers, develop programs of health education for healthy people and chronic patients, train caregivers, and advice patient associations. Some initiatives are:
-"Information Prescription, advising in health” aims to contribute to greater patient autonomy in self-management their condition or disease, facilitating the delivery or access to personalized health information and communication between the user and the healthcare professional
-Active Patient Programme, deployed in all the integrated healthcare organizations of Oz . An educational programme in self-care which helps chronic patients or caregivers acquire knowledge and skills related to the disease and its management
-Kronik ON programme, a programme empowering frail elderly patients and caregivers designed by Oz and Kronikgune.

Resources needed

100.000 euros / year have been mobilised for its implementation. From beginning of Active Patient Program (2010) till December 2015, 3295 people have been activated by 219 trainers. In 2015, 74 programmes have been carried out, training 750 people.

Evidence of success

Osasun Eskola is part of the Network of Schools for health. In 2015, OE in collaboration with the corporate Training Service of Osakidetza has organized 162 courses with a total of 7943 professional attending. Materials with health content with reliable have been developed. A total of 3808 Health Professionals have been trained to the activation of patient through126 courses related to healthcare education. A network of active patients has been created in the Basque Country

Difficulties encountered

Need of more professionals working in OE.
Static web that needs to be further developed.
Patient recruitment and retention of monitors (Active Patient Programme).
Patients are interested in management of their diseases and have a better relationship with their health professionals.

Potential for learning or transfer

The Osasun Eskola represents a good example of how an educational program of self-care focus on chronic patients and caregivers can be develop using internet resources. Furthermore, it allows to develop an self-education between member of the same disease. Not only, the basic knowledge of the disease is taught, but also are those technics and skills needed in order to foster the pro-activity. Indeed, Osakidetza is working in the development of an improved online platform through the initiative of the Innovative public procurement office.
Osasun Eskola is not an isolated initiative because it is also part of the Network of Schools for health, born as a proposal of the Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality of Spain. So, it can be part of other on-line platforms.
Main institution
OSAKIDETZA – Basque Public Health Service
País Vasco, Spain (España)
Start Date
January 2009
End Date


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