Local Energy Loop is a regional measure that promotes and supports the development of territorial energy projects, based on local energy needs and resources.
The financial scheme Local Energy Loop was launched by the Brittany Region in 2012, with the aim to assist local authorities in the definition and implementation of efficient energy policies, based on an integrated territorial approach. The local energy loop approach promotes the energy potential available in a selected territory and capitalises on local resources and ongoing initiatives to better meet needs and priorities. Local authorities are asked to identify and plan key actions, leading to a better energy management, use of renewables and balance between production and consumption. An action plan is then defined and implemented, in coordination with local stakeholders and the Regional authority.

Projects are selected through calls for proposals. Financial support is provided by the Regional authority in different stages of project development: Pre-operational phase - support to the development of an action plan (50% of expenses up to 100k€); Implementation and monitoring phase - support to infrastructure and equipment (40% of expenses up to 150k€). Moreover, the Regional authority provides assistance in project development, implementation and monitoring, and ensures a regular exchange among all actors for an increased capacity building. Overall, the main beneficiary is the territory. While local authorities directly benefit from the technical and financial support, indirect beneficiaries are industrial developers of energy services, equipment and infrastructures.

Resources needed

3M€ have been allocated to this programme in a time span of 4 years. At the Regional Council of Brittany, 1 person (0.2 Full-time equivalent) has been in charge of managing the call and monitoring the implementation of the approved projects (until 2018-2020).

Evidence of success

As of March 2017, 11 territories have been benefitting from this scheme:
9 have started and/or finished their pre-operational phase for 860k€;
5 have started their investment phase for 585 k€ funding.
Energy storage, smart grids, self-consumption and data monitoring solutions are some of the solutions already implemented in selected territories.
Beneficiaries include urban and rural territories as well as non-interconnected islands.

Difficulties encountered

A support to project development and a regular monitoring both for technical and economic aspects are key. The active involvement of local authorities helps ensure the engagement of local stakeholders and beneficiaries (citizens, businesses, technical services, DSO).

Potential for learning or transfer

The financial scheme Local Energy Loop can be adopted by other national and/or regional authorities that aim to promote an integrated territorial approach to energy transition.
Furthermore, projects approved in the framework of the Local Energy Loop programme might be interesting to local communities and municipalities of other regions. It should be noted that a selection criterion of the calls for proposals is the potential of the project to be replicable.

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Main institution
Conseil Régional de Bretagne
Bretagne, France
Start Date
January 2012
End Date


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