Network of producers and companies dealing with the agro-food sector managed by the Provincial Government of Burgos.
Burgos Alimenta is the agro-food brand of Provincial Government of Burgos. This network has become a point of reference for producers and companies dealing with this sector in the province of Burgos.
PROBLEM AND CONTEXT: Agro-food sector in the province of Burgos in one of the most important ones regarding its contribution to the GDP. On the other hand, in spite of its importance, the sector is clearly traditional with a big presence in rural areas, maintaining the same features than years ago.
SOLUTION: Burgos Alimenta is a platform lead by the Provincial Government of Burgos (common structure where all stakeholders related to gastronomy are welcomed) giving service to the producers and other actors to promote the gastronomy of Burgos.
Among its main offered SERVICES, we can mention the promotion at local, national and international level of all members (fairs and other events). In addition, the networking component of the brand is very useful and fruitful for all the members (organizing common activities if necessary).
During these 11 years, Burgos Alimenta has undergone an important conceptual change to accommodate not only agro-food producers but also chefs, restaurants and shops, among other kind of members. This innovative vision is based in involved in the network to all local stakeholders related to gastronomy, so the network (which was initially though as a normal producers association) has become an innovative platform grouping together most relevant actors

Resources needed

This network has three people in staff (one director and two technicians) 100% funded by local public funds (Provincial Government of Burgos).
Developed activities are partially funded with public and private investments (companies taking part).

Evidence of success

The brand has celebrated 11 years of existence. Nowadays, there are 244 companies included on it distributed in different subsectors.
It began with the presence of the agro-food companies of the province of Burgos in three trade fairs and gastronomic events at national level. This year, a lot of members have participated in 44 fairs, not only in the province of Burgos, but throughout the national territory, having also initiated the presence abroad (Portugal, United Kingdom...).

Difficulties encountered

Difficulties: communication and dissemination among potential stakeholders to be included in the network during the first years.
Lessons learned: tool very well appreciated for its users, giving service to producers and rural companies with very good results in terms of promotion.

Potential for learning or transfer

Brand (network) considered as good practice because its success over the years together with the good results obtained for all the members.
1. Tool for not only maintain economic activity in rural areas but also create new jobs.
2. Possibilities of networking and national – international promotion under very good conditions.
Main institution
Provincial Government of Burgos
Castilla y León, Spain (España)
Start Date
January 2007
End Date


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