World’s first 5G connected bike
Bicycles are considered as an in-motion sensors, since they use a sensor pod (to measure humidity, UV radiation, sound pollution, particulates, etc) connected to a Raspberry PI which can be connected to a 5G test cell, and be used to explore applications and to use models that can exploit 5G technology.

The applications for the platform can be developed by everyone, and all the information (like UV radiation, sound pollution, particulates, etc.) will be available to everyone connected to it, making the bicycle an open data platform. The overall aims that the project has to contribute to are; a) sustainable cities, b) secure future jobs and c) strengthen innovation in the Stockholm Region.

The project also creates opportunities in business creation, knowledge exchange and encourages awareness of and participation in Urban ICT Arena among the people who live and work in the Kista area.

The project is being developed by students and partners in Urban ICT Arena and is the sidekick of Petra Dalunde, Chief Operating Officer of Urban ICT Arena.

Resources needed

Very low – raspberry pie; a battery; a 4G dongle; GPS – less than 500€

Evidence of success

The project led to a startup that used the NotBoring5GBike for innovating security services for bikers.

Difficulties encountered

Difficulty to use the bike outside of Kista so a 4G dongle was needed.

Potential for learning or transfer

If the infrastructure is ready, this project can be replicated in every city. The essential tools to transfer this good practice to another city are: 1) a bicycle. 2) 5G cell. 3) Raspberry PI 4) sensors (GPS, sensors to measure humidity, temperature, pollutants, etc). 5) 4G dongle.
Main institution
Urban ICT Arena
Mellersta Norrland, Sweden (Sverige)
Start Date
January 2016
End Date


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