Economic GIS layer is a powerful tool, which presents the trends in local economy with main focus on the innovation potential of companies.
Gabrovo economic GIS layer for innovations has been developed to present the real picture of innovations on the territory of the municipality and to give a future opportunity of the municipal leadership to analyze the trends and to find appropriate solutions to support innovative companies and to stimulate local economic development.
Economic GIS layer is a tool integrated in Gabrovo geo-information system, which gives a wide perspective to obtain and upgrade the business database of the region. It allows different types of analysis based on official macro data provided by the National Statistics, updated every year with the numbers from the annual financial reports of the companies in the region.
The new tool provides detailed information about the existing companies in the municipality (address, location, main activities, products, markets, business profiles etc.). Every company can add specific information which will be automatically updated in its personal profile in the economic layer. The information is structured by economic and statistical indicators, main business categories and information for innovations. It also improve the relations among the local businesses and it supports business networking in innovations and joint projects.

Resources needed

Economic GIS layer was developed by the project team during the implementation of Project KNOW-HUB, funded by Interreg IVC. It is maintained by IT Department of Gabrovo Municipality and every year the data are purchased from the National Statistics.

Evidence of success

Gabrovo economic GIS layer provides opportunities to analyze economic trends and to program effective policies to support local companies. The Municipal plan of development of Gabrovo municipality 2014 – 2020 was created based on the information provided by the layer. Economic GIS layer was used also for the development of the new digital platform for innovations InnovaGab and for participation in different EU projects for benchmarking of companies. (OASIS project of EURADA)

Potential for learning or transfer

Example of existing local database comprising individual companies profiles and performance as well as statistical data. Inspiration for territories searching to introduce a tool assisting them in SME support policy based on facts, companies networking, delivering dedicated support services.
Main institution
Municipality of Gabrovo
Северен централен, Bulgaria (България)
Start Date
January 2013
End Date


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