It’s a social project, non-profit, whose formula is green coworking promoting networking and creating an ecosystem for green entrepreneurship in rural areas.
El Hueco Verde is a way of working that allows professionals, independent entrepreneurs and star ups from different sectors and profiles, share a same working space, serious but informal, where collaboration between them and collaborating companies is encouraged, working in a community and multidisciplinary space, promoting economic recovery and employment creation around the environmental sector.
El Hueco Verde encourages social and business life, being a solution to the problem of isolation for many independent professionals working alone at home, supporting and encouraging initiatives and businesses based on transformative ideas especially linked to social and sustainable entrepreneurship.
Promoting entrepreneurship, networking, and supporting self-employment and entrepreneurship, are the axis of daily work, catalyzing the ideas and business projects of each person, and their support, especially in the initial phases of the business idea following the methodology of “accelerator”.
El Hueco Verde offers a physical place (bioclimatic building of new construction) where working with the necessary basic services (WiFi, telephone, meeting and training rooms, reference person and attention to the entrepreneur interact) with professionals and entrepreneurs from different areas, meet with your clients, advise on the implementation or management of your green enterprise, as well as a series of activities, workshops, exhibitions, markets, etc. that are regularly scheduled.

Resources needed

It was set up with the staff and resources of the non profit company, “Fundación Oxígeno”.
Resources needed: building with all basic services for entrepreneurs being described above.

Evidence of success

This innovative project is seen as a different way of working with a lot of services and supporting actions provided to the entrepreneurs established there is very well considered in the province of Burgos.
In fact, nowadays, there are around 70 entrepreneurs using the coworking space occasionally and 50 new entrepreneurs who have created their own businesses being supported by El Hueco Verde’s professionals.

Potential for learning or transfer

Problem addressed for this good practice is global and common in an important number of rural settlements and territories all over Europe. Because of this, we consider that it has a big potential to be transferred to other regions.
This project aims at creating new jobs (under a coworking perspective) giving solutions and providing services to the population, especially in sectors related to social innovation and environmental issues.
Anyway, it’s important to highlight the specific skills and experience of the managers with an overall vision and perfect knowledge of the territory, the potential needs about lack of services in rural areas together wing an entrepreneur background.
Main institution
El Hueco Verde
Castilla y León, Spain (España)
Start Date
January 2011
End Date


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