VIT Emprende is Valencia’s network of innovative entrepreneurs that the City Council launched via Fundación InnDEA València.
Name of the stakeholder: VALENCIA ACTIVA (Municipality)
Description: Valencia activa provides easy access to training for entrepreneurs, players that participate and are willing to collaborate, organizes events and activities that give visibility to projects, connects entrepreneurs with the city’s industry and foster networking. Mentors and leaders who share their knowledge. An emerging ecosystem with access to investment through its accelerators. An environment that generates and disseminates innovation. 400 Startups. 21 accelerators. 41 investors. 16 co working spaces. A network of 2,500 stakeholders.
Valencia activa claim: Start it in Valencia, the best place to start in Spain. We have launched an international program to give the opportunity for the startups to meet, exchange and cooperate with other ecosystems and stakeholders. Benefits of the program are to scale up their companies knowing other solutions, competence, markets, investors, and public areas.
We co-create the public program of VIT Emprende together in order to improve the startup ecosystem. After selecting target areas we make the strategy together launching programs for talent, for internationalization, for networks, investors and other activities.
Valencia activa tests news solutions via pilot programs in order to implement them once the solution has been assessed.

Resources needed

Support from the Municipality and from the stake holders involved in entrepreneurship, business incubators, universities, investors, etc.
IT tools are extensively used.
There are three people in Valencia Activa team and budget was estimated at 60,000 euros per year.

Evidence of success

The number of events, activities and participants is constanly increasing. Valencia activa is a success story among Spain municipalities entrepreneurship strategies.

There is a new project named Valencia Tech City, gathering all the information on the start ups and entrepreneurship environment. A new tech district by the Marina, is under development. It will help to attract and retain talent.

Difficulties encountered

The main challenge has been and still is the limited number of innovative enterprises. The main industrial sectors in the Valencia Region are very traditional and mature. The start ups promotion environment is rapidly growing and attracting talent from other regions and countries.

Potential for learning or transfer

The experience gained by the Municipality of Valencia is easy to transfer. Valencia Activa is extensively using new technologies and tools and it is offering different types of services and organizing events that can be potentially interesting for other regions to learn from.
Networking and innovative tools are key elements.
The needs and difficulties the Regions and municipalities are facing are similar, new profiles of micro companies demanding support and innovative solutions.
Main institution
Regional Government of Valencia
Comunidad Valenciana, Spain (España)
Start Date
February 2019
End Date


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