ANCE Lombardia and Regione Lombardia sign a Memorandum of understanding to promote the correct management of C&D waste and the use of recycled aggregates.
Construction and demolition waste represent 40% of all special waste produced in Lombardy (11.5 million tons). It is, therefore, necessary to put in place all possible actions useful to implement the use of recycled aggregates in the building sector because, thanks to recycled aggregates, we could obtain a strong saving of natural material with great benefit for the environment.
The initiatives promoted with the Memorandum of understanding concern:
- training activities with the aim of spreading the culture of recovery and use of recycled materials;
- development of researches entrusted to Lombard universities with the aim of identifying technical proposals useful for overcoming the obstacles (both technical and cultural) currently present in Italy, which limit the effective use of recycled aggregates in road, civil and of environmental recoveries;
- development of a web application that functions as a marketplace able to put in contact producer and user of recycled aggregates.
- calls for tenders and incentives to encourage the use of recycled aggregates in private and public markets.
The initiatives listed are of interest to all the operators involved in the supply chain: construction companies, designers and public administrations.

Resources needed

The initiatives are carried out internally at our offices (the human resources used are no more than 3). The only investments concerned the assignment of research to universities and the development of the web application.

Evidence of success

At the moment the evidence of success comes from the results of the research carried out by the universities, from the numerous participation in training courses and from the creation of a market place application to put in contact the supply and demand of recycled aggregates in Lombardy. Other goals should be achieved this year following the definition of calls for tenders and incentives to promote the use of recycled aggregates in public and private works.

Difficulties encountered

The most important challenges will occur 2019 and will concern the creation of calls for tenders and incentives to promote the use of recycled aggregates in public and private works. This initiative can also increase the knowledge of all operators towards the use of materials from recovery processes

Potential for learning or transfer

The activities promoted by this initiative are reproducible in each region (training and definition of incentives and calls for tenders) and the results of the research are public and online on the Lombardy region site. The more we increase our knowledge at a national level, the more we will be able to implement increasingly more circulating economies in the construction sector to protect the environment.
The benefits that would derive from the use of recycled aggregates are:
- for the Public Administration, to safeguard the territory by creating less landfills and limiting the opening of new quarries of natural aggregates;
- for construction companies, obtain supplies of materials which, at the same performance level, have better prices than natural materials, contributing in turn to the protection of the environment.

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Main institution
ANCE Lombardia
Lombardia, Italy (Italia)
Start Date
April 2017
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