Training of community leaders in healthy food growing
Oldham Council in Greater Manchester, Oldham previously led a proposed Erasmus community champions scheme to promote healthy food and growing food and trained environmental advocates in some deprived areas where there was resistance to energy efficiency programmes in social housing. The model is based on identifying and then training key influencers in local communities on topics such as healthy food and energy saving, it works on the basis that they (the champions) will then be in a position to promote the initiatives better than local authorities
The council face issues of mistrust of the local authority (municipality) and mistrust of energy suppliers. The training of volunteer residents to talk to neighbours and break down barriers is a model that we believe could prove successful. The Growing Ambassadors model is one that will lend itself well to the ERASMUS+ programme, for further discussions contact Dave Catherall.

Resources needed

Previous projects have worked with colleagues and partners to seek ERASMUS + funding for the training development

Evidence of success

The model of developing community champions sits closely to the approach that Oldham Council takes to Cooperative governance in the town. Becoming a co-operative borough is about everybody doing their bit and everybody benefitting.

Our Corporate Plan outlines how we will achieve our co-operative ambition for the borough. It outlines how the Council contributes to achieving the vision and outcomes in the Oldham Plan as well as the priority areas of focus and delivery for the organisation.

Difficulties encountered

Lack of engagement in energy/carbon savings in deprived or poor areas

Potential for learning or transfer

Although our original approaches were based on training community champions in the methods of growing good food and then helping them understand how to cook healthy meals (low salt, no processed foods etc) we wanted to transfer this model into training community energy champions to help promote the priinciple to a wider audience in local communities

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Main institution
Oldham Council
Greater Manchester, United Kingdom
Start Date
January 2017
End Date


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