The XPANDE / XPANDE DIGITAL is a capacity building programme aimed at the internationalization of SMEs
Objectives: Contributing to sustainable development by enabling SMEs to export
Main Stakeholders: Chambers of Commerce and IVACE Internacional

Cost per participating company: 4,695 euros co financed by FEDER (80%) and Spanish funds. A grant is also provided for the implementation of the export strategy
General Objectives of the XPANDE PROGRAMME
• To foster internationalization culture with the aim to increase the Valencia Region database exporters
• To facilitate access to external markets
• To contribute to diversify markets destination for the Valencia region exports
Specific objectives of the XPANDE PROGRAMME
• To implement a methodology to develop and sustainable Export Plan for the Valencia Region SME
• To facilitate a potential market selection according with the products and needs of the SME
• To provide and strategic plan according to the market selected, products/services to internationalize, drawing a positioning and commercial promotion strategy to the market selected.
• To design an Action Plan for the market
• To facilitate tools and necessary supports to achieve the Export Plan

Resources needed

There are two phases
- Capacity building and technical assistance for the design of an internationalization plan
- Funding and support for the implementation of the plan in a selected market..
Consultants and funds are required

Evidence of success

It is a quite simple and flexible scheme, made up of 4 modules and easy to follow by the new exporters.
The Xpande Digital is very much sougth after, since on line market is currently one of the most important internationalization tools.
In Valencia province in 2018, 90 companies registered for the Xpande Digital only.

Difficulties encountered

This programme is managed by the Chambers of Commerce personnel. Administrative support is needed and sometimes some external expertise is required

Potential for learning or transfer

It is quite a simple programme to implement and to transfer to other entities responsible for the SMEs and internationalization. Methodology, IT support and procedures are well developed
Main institution
Regional Government of Valencia
Comunidad Valenciana, Spain (España)
Start Date
January 2013
End Date


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