PortugalFoods - an agrifood platform for members and universities to share knowledge and support innovation and internationalization.
The main mission of PortugalFoods is to boost agrifood sector’s competitiveness by increasing the technological index, supporting knowledge production, as well as knowledge transfer and application and by promoting the internationalization: identifying opportunities and empowering food companies in this area.
PortugalFoods has two main departments that work closely together to increase innovation and competitivity of its members:
1 - Market Division: develops capabilities to expand international business, identifying and capturing opportunities, also organizing national participations in International Trade Shows (Fairs), Trade Missions to selected markets, Reverse Trade Missions of Importers / Distributors to Portugal and onsite promotion in International Retail Chains.
2 - Knowledge Division: Promotes knowledge transfer, as well as, the cooperation between food industry and academia (national and international) through an Observatory that provides customized reports based on intelligence information to stimulate innovation, focusing on major trends worldwide and surveys of new product launches. It also promotes R&D Projects by identifying academia key competencies, which meet food companies’ needs, therefore increasing the practical application of “knowledge”.

Resources needed

Portugal Foods have 8 HR besides the Board of Management:
Executive Director: 1
Market Division: 3 – Executive Coordinator, Market Manager and Assistant Market Manager
Knowledge Division: 2
Account & Financial Department: 1
Members & Communication: 1
Annual Turnover: 1.493.000,00€

Evidence of success

Members: in 2009: 45, in March 2017: 170 (152 companies, 12 universities and 6 other entities).
Internationalization activities: in 2011: 3; in 2016: 30
Participating companies in international actions: in 2011: 23; in 2016: 150
Participating companies’ turnover: in 2011: 555M€; in 2016: more than 920M€.

Potential for learning or transfer

Strong network between the Market and Knowledge.
Strong relation with the companies, academia and different organizations (other associations, government, etc.).
Promotional actions that are designed with the final goal of concrete results.
Knowledge of the regional agrifood sector’s reality and needs.
Strong international communication of the competence, quality and differentiation of the companies and academia.
Main institution
Other, Afghanistan
Start Date
March 2008
End Date


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