Smart Grid programme provides non-refundable funds for investments in smart grid projects, according to the goals of the Andalusian Energy Strategy 2020
The development of Smart grids is one of the pillars in the Andalusian Energy Strategy 2020, necessary for the modernization and implementation of innovative projects in the region. For this reason, an incentive line for smart grid projects has been included within the Andalusian Sustainable Energy Development Programme A+

How is it implemented?
The scheme tries to get better e-connected cities and persons. Aimed at citizens, self-employed, companies, public entities and other entities.
It includes a catalogue of 17 actions related to smart grids, quality of supply, sustainable mobility or public awareness.
For each action, the object, scope and specific conditions are defined as well as the correspondent % of non-refundable incentive.
- Managed by the Andalusian Energy Agency. Key role of the suppliers of the actions (collaborating entities)
- Easy access to the scheme. Computerised processing. Documents only needed for justification.
- Many options for energy improvement. Permanent call.
- Offer of basic and advanced solutions.
- Variety of beneficiaries and activity sectors.

Who are the main stakeholders and beneficiaries of the practice?
Great variety of beneficiaries: citizens, neighbourhood associations, self-employed, companies, municipalities and local entities.
Experts from different disciplines have participated in the design: administration, companies, economic and social agents, technological institutions, universities and consumers

Resources needed

For the incentives scheme, 27 million euros from ESIF TO4 and Regional Funds. Several tools for the management of incentives were developed, allowing the whole process to be computerised. Various software tools were also designed to facilitate the location of collaborating partner companies

Evidence of success

Until the end of January 2019, 189 projects have applied and are under evaluation. The whole investment of these projects is 28.000.090 €.

By type of projects:
• Infrastructures for implementation of smart grid: 5 projects, 4.819.709 €
• Improvement of energy supply infrastructures: 34 projects, 4.390.692 €
• Systems for the decarbonisation of transports: 150 projects, 23.199.689 €

Difficulties encountered

- The main problems have been detected in small municipalities, which have difficulties to access to the programme, due to the shortage of resources and the high innovation of these type of projects.
- Dissemination and advisory actions are needed, mainly in small municipalities

Potential for learning or transfer

The programme could be implemented in other European regions. The most positive elements to be transferred are:
• Catalogue of energy improvement measures, allowing beneficiaries to know the actions and how much money they will received.
• The management of the incentive schedule, based in collaborating companies, has allowed to reinforce Andalusian business sector.
• Many public fleets of vehicles have changed to more efficient ones, having exemplary effect in the rest of the society. The environmental and economy benefits for cities are very important
• The electricity recharge network and other alternative fuels have improved in the region.

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Main institution
Andalusian Energy Agency
Andalucía, Spain (España)
Start Date
January 2017
End Date
December 2020


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Sara Robles

Andalusian Energy Agency