The BDCYL (Digital Library of Castilla y León) incorporates reproductions and digital resources of illustrations and photographs into its collections.
The Digital Library of Castilla y León (BDCYL) is a project of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Junta de Castilla y León whose main objective is to provide citizens with free and free access through the Internet of bibliographic funds and documentaries, including the funds of Castilian and Leon photographers, as well as images dealing with regional issues, and which are kept in the libraries and archives of the Autonomous Community. In this way, the photographic heritage is disseminated and the preservation of the assets that constitute it is ensured through the digitization of the most valuable works.
It includes a wide collection of digital resources, which are the result of digitalizing the main works on the history, heritage, science, language and culture of Castile and Leon, so that each of the provinces and localities that constitute the Autonomous Community is present in the texts of the Digital Library.
The purpose of this project is:
Contribute to the knowledge and research of culture, history and the remaining constitutive aspects of the identity of Castilla y León through access to digitized works.
Disseminate the work of the authors and themes of the regional community of all times.
Making the photographic heritage of Castilla y León accessible to all citizens through digital versions. In this way the patrimonial collections will be open to all users, eliminating the current restrictions on the consultation of originals of great historical value.

Resources needed

The financing from the budget of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and with the collaboration of the Ministry of Culture through its call for aid for the creation and transformation of digital resources and its dissemination and preservation through repositories OAI.
In 2018, 35000€

Evidence of success

Since 2008, the start date of the project, the collection of digital resources has been increasing regularly, reaching the current figure (2018) of more than 25,800 digitized works, which represent almost three and a half million pages. According to the documentary typology, the collection has 15,774 books, 511 magazines, 1,457 manuscripts, 201 maps, 139 scores, 265 sound records and 7549 illustrations and photos.

Potential for learning or transfer

The BDCYL has a technological platform, whose software allows the management of millions of images and has the capacity to incorporate new digital resources in any type of format. For digitalization, it uses internationally standardized standards.
It incorporates the different types of standards applicable to this type of project (MARC, DC, METS, PREMIS, ALTO, ESE, etc.), which allows the normalization of the description of digital resources through internationally accepted metadata and allows participation in projects of digital libraries of national and international scope like Europeana. It also includes an OAI-PMH repository according to the model defined by ISO 14721: 2012 Reference model for an Open Archival Information System (OAIS).
The platform is open to collaboration with institutions and entities with photographic funds in Castilla y León so that they can take advantage of the possibilities offered for the conservation and dissemination of their funds.

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Main institution
Regional Government of Castilla Y León
Castilla y León, Spain (España)
Start Date
January 2008
End Date


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