100% of the electrical energy consumed by all the facilities and premises of the Barcelona City Council is from renewable sources
One of the main work areas of the +SCC Programme is the inclusion of environmental and social criteria in all local authority contracts to reduce environmental impact and stimulate more sustainable production.
In 2013, the Barcelona City Council established a framework agreement (FA) for the supply of the electricity to buildings and installations of the Council and associated organisations (including public lighting).
Coinciding with the period for renewing the electricity contract currently in force, the City Council’s Department of Resources (which participates in the elaboration of the environmental criteria for the supply of electricity) decided to consult with the company involved in the FA in order to study the possibility of requiring that 100% of the electricity supplied comes from green sources, both in the extension of the contract and in future bids.
The company confirmed that there was no reason that all electricity provided should not be from renewable sources and/or high-efficiency cogeneration, although there would be an additional cost to request the Guarantee of Origin Certificate for the over 3,000 points of consumption to be registered. This additional cost was estimated at 0.5 cents per kwh consumed. In other words, no more than an additional 0.3% on the cost of the tendered contract.

Resources needed

In the Iberian Peninsula’s electricity market, te generation of “green” electricity is currently greater superior to the demand for electricity with a guarantee of origin. Until these 2 factors become more similar, there is no additional cost for production

Evidence of success

> 100% of the electricity consumed is from renewable sources and/or high-efficiency cogeneration with a guarantee of origin certificate.
> 75.165,9 t of CO2 savings over the time of the contract.
> 24.206,4 additional toe from "green" sources guaranteed.

Potential for learning or transfer

The most significant features of this GPP approach that make it transferable are:
> Needs addressed are common among sectors, organisations and different regions/countries.
> Demonstrated achieved benefits outweigh investment costs by far
> Low implementation risks
> Low risk of organizational resistance

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Main institution
Barcelona City Council
Cataluña, Spain (España)
Start Date
April 2015
End Date


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