Mixed plastic waste sorting and recycling processes.
Mixed plastics waste is complex to recycle (in terms of economical and techincal factors) while the homogeneus plastic waste is quitely easy destinated to a recycling process the destination of this type of plastic is generally the energy recovery.
In order to let able that mixed plastic to be processed in a recycling process and so valorized, according to che EU waste management hierarchy, COREPLA has developed (with his customers and suppliers) a mixed plastic waste sorting and recycling contract, increasing the volume of total plastic packaging waste recycled.

Company contracted by COREPLA for this type of activity and included in Step 3.1, are pioneers in the recycling plastic waste sector

Resources needed

There is a contribution both for sorting processes plants and for recycling processes plants. The economic effort is still necessary because these processes don't have an autonomous economical sustenability at the moment.

Evidence of success

Corepla, with his industrial partners, has recycled 120 kton of mixed plastic waste over a total 560 kton of recycled plastic waste in 2017.

Difficulties encountered

The challenges are both technical (tecnology is stil developing on mixed plastics) and economical (energy intensive processes and secondary raw material low value).

Potential for learning or transfer

Italy is a forerunner of mixed plastics wastes collection and and recycling since collection of this kind of waste started much before all other european countries. Nevertheless all european countries are now facing these challenges and developing new Technologies so there is a lot of potential both for Learning and Transfer.
Main institution
Lombardia, Italy (Italia)
Start Date
January 2014
End Date


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