young companies is aiming on young people up to 30 years. green companies encourages and supports green entrepreneurs from sustainable sector
This Good Practices includes two different projects launched by the Entrepreneurship and Succession Strategy of Brandenburg and funded by the European Structural Funds. Since 2004 young companies assists over 700 business creations. The project creates career perspective for young people and avoids the outflow of young people in other regions. Project results are showing that young people starting their business in Eastern Brandenburg are less interested to move to other regions. The good conditions and the strong network they built have a positive influence for the business development.
The incubation programme based on the following principles: awareness-raising activities; profiling and orientation phase; training and qualification; implementation and start up. With several locations in East Brandenburg young companies is the main contact point for young people starting their own business. Each location provides initial consultancy, co-working spaces, seminars and workshops and individual coaching.
green companies supports green entrepreneurs in North-East-Brandenburg aiming on the sustainable sector, mostly direct marketers. This are green products (e.g. organic food); green materials (e.g. energy biomass); green energy (e.g. ecological building materials). Special characteristic is the support of entrepreneurs to improve their business concept even beyond business foundation through workshops, coaching, presention at trade fairs, evaluation and assessment of services

Resources needed

• European funding programme (ESF) + National Funds (approx. 650.000 EUR/year)
• Several locations/offices
• Staff/Management (project coordinator+one manager per location)
• Network of external experts + regional partners (Federal Employement Agency, Chamber of Commerce, Schools)

Evidence of success

young companies
Since project start in 2004: • Number of participants: over 1200 participants • Number of established companies: over 700 • Survival rate after three years of company foundation, if available: 70%
green companies
Since 2012
• consultations: 99 • Number of established companies: 49
• Increase in Sales
• Strengthening the green sector in North-East Brandenburg
• Reduction/abstinence of unemployment benefis

Potential for learning or transfer

young companies is an incubation project aiming on young people to start their own business. The programme has a wide geographically range as it is is covering different districts in the State of Brandenburg and is also reaching the rural area thanks to several contact points. Furthermore, close collaborations with the Employment Agency and schools facilitates the access to young people. The project is part of an incubation programme managed by the European Social Funds of the State of Brandenburg which could be transferred to other regions as well. It has been proven its success over 15 years. green companies is aiming on entrepreneurs from the sustainable green sector.
The activities facilitate the market entry and optimize the sales strategy through several costumized services with experts: Mystery Check, web catalog of products, Review coaching -only after founation! and product presentation at sector-specific trade fairs.

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Main institution
STIC Wirtschaftsfördergesellschaft
Brandenburg, Germany (Deutschland)
Start Date
January 2004
End Date


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