The Agri-food Partnership is a food cluster whose purpose is to support the “Sterea Ellada” brand and promote the agri-food products by developing synergies.
The Agri-food Partnership of Central Greece is a non-profit organization and develops the necessary tools and actions for the growth of the Agri-food sector and the promotion of the cultural heritage of the Region through the preservation of traditional and healthy food standards.
Through the Agri-food Partnership of Central Greece, that works as the “Cluster of the Local cuisine”, the Region of Sterea Ellada acts as an “umbrella”, embracing all local initiatives that are working on that common direction. It designs an integrated and common strategy for the whole Region and works to create a bigger demand for local products and services, while helping to improve their supply locally. To achieve its goals, the company wishes to cooperate on a European and International level in order to exchange important know-how and experience and develop new projects on its fields of interest.

Resources needed

The Agri-food Partnership of Central Greece is a non-profit organization. It has a a minimal structure (nine-member board). The organisation's capital amounts to Seventy-nine thousand five hundred (€ 79,500).Indicative Cost of Operation with a permanent employee: € 30,000 per year.

Evidence of success

Results achieved: 1. Support of the local products and empowerment of these actions by adopting the Local Signal Quality of all products produced in the Region of Sterea Ellada. 2. Promotion of the advantages of the Local and Mediterranean cuisine as an integral part of Sterea Ellada’s culture. 3. Encouragement and support for the extroversion of our Agri-food companies and producers. 4. Remarkable results in the tourist sector (creation of synergies between Agri-food and tourist sector).

Potential for learning or transfer

The GP could be absolutely transferable to other regions with the same or similar characteristics in cultural, social, educational and economic level, of course. Besides the above, the Agri-food Partners of the Region have been working with hundreds of members of this sector, delivering courses, workshops and events. A typical example is a group of French professionals who visited Greece in order to transfer knowledge and therefore they visited the Headquarters of Stevia Hellas which is a member of the Partnership.The group joined several sessions that included: cultivation techniques, entrepreneurship and methods of growing a business as well as storytelling and getting to know the history of the Cooperative.
Main institution
Region of Srerea Ellada
Στερεά Ελλάδα, Greece (Ελλαδα)
Start Date
May 2016
End Date


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