Euskadi+ innova is the strategy shared by the group of people and organizations working in the promotion of innovation.
Euskadi+ innova is a strategy and programme launched to make Euskadi a reference in Europe for innovation. This strategy is shared by the group of people and organizations working in the promotion of innovation and understands innovation in the widest sense (technological and process innovation, organisational and marketing innovation). Euskadi + innova was born with the vision of turning Euskadi into a reference node within the framework of the global innovation system, in order to raise the productivity of organizations and the quality of life of citizens.
The main goal of Euskadi + innova is to develop a culture of innovation: encourage change towards a culture of innovation that enhances values such as creativity, risk taking, curiosity, entrepreneurship, acceptance of failure, etc. and generate a commitment from the whole of science and innovation empowering people in new knowledge and skills. In addition, it is necessary to transform the knowledge into results, and here the main agents involved are the companies and the administration.
Euskadi+ innova supports technological innovation, social innovation, business transformation and digital enterprise by means of different specific programmes that permit to carry out specific innovation support activities.

Resources needed

A total of 5.79millon Euros grant for all the programs that integrate the strategy. The main financing sources of ‘Euskadi+ innova’ is regional public funds.

Evidence of success

• More than 1,480 entrepreneurial initiatives involved
• More than 760 industrial companies involved.
• 189 projects approved.
• 121 companies organised a total of 225 training modules and implemented 126 pilot projects.
• 78.41% of the projects presented for advanced management were funded

Difficulties encountered

• It is necessary to establish alliances involving different agents that work close to the SMEs.
• Flexible programs and actions must be designed taking into account the real needs of companies.
• The creation of flexible business models should be facilitated.
• You have to communicate the action

Potential for learning or transfer

The programme could be replicated
Main institution
País Vasco, Spain (España)
Start Date
January 2006
End Date


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