Annual meetings of bloggers of cultural and natural heritage of Extremadura to exchange knowledge, experiences and publish a joint book.
The Xavier de Salas Foundation (XSF) develops among its various activities an Environment Program to implement and promote technical and informative initiatives to highlight the enormous cultural and natural heritage of Extremadura and encourage citizen participation in this matter.
To this aim, XSF organizes the Extremadura Bloggers Meetings, annual encounters bringing together enthusiasts to exchange experiences and know-how about cultural and natural heritage blogging. The event includes a program of conferences with recognized experts and the presentation of a book previously prepared by all those attending the Meeting.
It is about giving voice to people who, independent of their affiliation to companies, organizations and institutions, contribute to the common purpose by publishing their personal blogs and spectacular photographs. The bloggers share common interests but express them through their own creative formats, styles and content.
The XSF, together with the Directorate General of Tourism, each year defines a different theme as the basis for bloggers to prepare their posts, which are collected into a book (printed and also available in electronic format) as well as a calendar highlighting some of the best images, which are distributed to people and organizations working in the field of cultural and natural Heritage of Extremadura.
This activity is entirely financed by the Directorate General of Tourism of the regional Government of Extremadura and by the XSF

Resources needed

The average budget required for the activity is around 20,000 euros and includes: Conference day, publication of 1000 books and 1000 calendars and a meal for about 100 people.
In addition, two people participate in the organization of the meeting and the edition of the book.

Evidence of success

8 meetings held.
7 books or printed publications (with a total of 7,000 copies).
250 articles related to the cultural and natural heritage of Extremadura.
800 participants to the meetings.
5,000 published calendars.
Increase in the number of visits to blogs and web pages related to the Meeting

Difficulties encountered

Each year, more bloggers and photographers want to attend the annual meeting and submit articles and photos. The book has grown from 28 articles the first year to 45 articles in 2018. Thus, the organisational aspects have become more complex and planning of the event and the book demands more time.

Potential for learning or transfer

In all regions people use the Internet as a watchtower from which to show the world their individual and subjective views of the heritage assets (cultural, natural, immaterial, landscape, etc.) of the areas in which they live or work, through personal or professional blogs, articles in digital magazines or simply through Facebook or another social network.
The initiative to bring together all these people in a common project is undoubtedly a practice that arouses much interest not only for the participants but also for many institutions that, for example, work in the field of the dissemination and protection of heritage, tourism promotion of a territory, and even artists.
The feeling of belonging to a community of people with similar interests, the exchange of knowledge and experiences through a day of sharing and, especially, the publication of joint books, are great attractions making the Extremadura Bloggers Meetings an idea with a high potential to transfer in other parts of Euro

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