Technological Vouchers to support biomedical research and health services related SMEs
San Sebastian local authority is promoting innovation in the public health services to tackle new challenges related to aging and improvement of quality of life, in association with BIODONOSTIA, the first institute for health research in the Basque Country.

BIODONOSTIA develops its activity by promoting biomedical research, epidemiological, public health and health services, by scientifically supporting the programs and policies of the health system and promote transnational research, aimed at accelerating the transfer of scientific knowledge to clinical practice, in the territorial area of Gipuzkoa.

Local entrepreneurs and companies seeking a biotechnological health component or biomedical related innovative business idea can apply to the technological vouchers. The services provided by BIODONOSTIA includes:

- Laboratory & Research support services in the field of sanitary biotechnology,
- Innovation support services to transfer final products to the market, with the objective that these ideas can become products or services that add value to the Health System and Society
Companies awarded with the technological vouchers can get up to 12.500 euro (VAT excluded).

In addition, Fomento San Sebastian offers to the selected projects tailor made innovation support services to promote the consolidation and internationalization of the SMEs applicants. This accompaniment is gathered on a "Road Map" plan jointly designed with BIODONOSTIA and Fomento de San Sebastián

Resources needed

The economic resources devoted to support the projects through the technological vouchers amount to 75,000 euros, with Fomento de San Sebastián assuming 70% of the contribution and BIODONOSTIA the remaining 30%.

Evidence of success

6 companies have applied to the Biodonostia vouchers, 4 out of them were awarded 50.000 euro support in 2 types of vouchers (6.500 and 12.500 euro VAT excluded).
The companies awarded with the support are:
 NARU INTELLIGENCE SOLUTIONS S.L, Data Solutions for Biomedicine
 KIROLDNA S.L, biotechnological solutions for professional and amateur athletes.
 INDICATE SOLUTIONS, SL , cancer detection and early diagnosis device
 DENEB MEDICAL S.L. surgical robot for selective tissue ablation.

Potential for learning or transfer

SMEs tend to have limited exposure to public knowledge providers such as universities and research organisations, so one of the main purposes of the BIODONOSTIA’ Support aids Programme is to build new relationships between SMEs and research institutions which:
a) Stimulate knowledge transfer directly;
b) Act as a catalyst for the formation of longer-term more in-depth relationships.
BIODONOSTIA’s technological vouchers are intended as pump-priming funding through which initial industry-research centres relationships will be established. The voucher has two main impacts:

1) It empowers the SME to approach knowledge providers with their innovation/technological-related problems, something that they might not have done in the absence of such an incentive.

2) It provides an incentive for the research centre to work with SMEs when their tendency might either have been to work with larger firms or to have no industry engagement at all.
Main institution
Fomento San Sebastian
País Vasco, Spain (España)
Start Date
January 2016
End Date


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