An innovative national campaign to promote the roll out and awareness of smart meters for households and small and medium sized enterprises.
Smart Energy GB is the campaign for a smarter Britain. Smart Energy GB is a not for profit company to make sure everyone understands smart meters, everyone knows how to get one and everyone knows how to use their smart meter to get their gas and electricity under control.
The website contains:
- useful resource materials for use by local organisations / authorities to support the roll out smart meters including resource packs for schools. All the materials are free to download / print
- information for citizens on how to get a smart meter from their provider
- information on what a smart meter is and how to use it
- information of how a smart meter is installed
- information on grants available to support an event to promote smart metering
- information on why citizens should have a smart meter
The campaign mascots are "Gaz and Lecky". A powerful media campaign (including TV, advertisements, posters) using these characters has been rolled out to show how smart meters can help control gas (Gaz) and electivity (Lecky) in homes and small businesses.
The campaigns shows how a smart meter prepares Britain for a smart living future e.g. smart energy grids and electric vehicles.
Smart Energy GB not only directly support / advise members of the public but also provide resources to other organisations to spread awareness about smart meters across England and Wales.

Resources needed

Free resources are available for download from the Smart Energy GB website. Some materials can be edited to include organisational logos / messages.
There is an opportunity to bid for funding to promote smart meters.
Smart Energy GB is independent from government and has a budget of £48m

Evidence of success

There are various tools to evidence the success:
1) 14.70 million smart and advanced meters installed including 11.67million in domestic dwellings
2) Estimated savings of 29.7 tonnes of carbon by 2030
3) 95% of adults reached through the Gaz and Lecky campaign across radio and in print
4) In 2017 - 66 organisations awarded grants for smart meter projects
5) In 2017 - a further 180 smart mete champions created across 88 organisations

Difficulties encountered

Really embedding, engaging and educating the public abut the uses of smart meters. The obligation is on energy suppliers to install smart meters so sometimes there can be a gap between the promotion (through Smart Energy GB campaigns) and the actual installer (being from a different company).

Potential for learning or transfer

Huge potential to reuse materials, ideas, campaigns as the challenges are similar across Europe around the readiness and willingness to accept and use smart meters in homes. One thing which is essential is educating people to use smart meters and learn how a smart meter can be useful in the transition to a smart way of living such as understanding a solar pv on site and its roll in balancing, becoming a prosumer, when it is best to charge your electric vehicle etc.

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Main institution
Leicester City Council
Leicestershire, Rutland and Northamptonshire, United Kingdom
Start Date
January 2013
End Date


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