The Ecomuseum of terrraces in dry stone is an important result of local heritage, cultural traditions and skills valorisation of ALTA LANGA Mountain AREA.
The Ecomuseum of terraces is located in Cortemilia village in "Monte Oliveto" nearby a Romanic Church.
It is made of a main building that was an old farm, managed by monks probably producing olive oil.
Nowadays it is restored and trasformed into a permanent Laboratory and hostel for students and visitors.
In spring and summer time in the ECOMUSEUM, labs for kids and students are organized to teach the culture and traditions of Alta Langa mountain area, how to prepare typical food based on hazelnuts and how to restore drystone walls and rural buildings.
The whole area was restored and the terraces and rural buildings are made with local stones. Nowadays the Ecomuseum is at disposal of the visitors to demonstrate the skills and capacities of mountain people of transforming the landscape taking advantage from the environmental resources.
From November 2018 Terraces in dry stone are recognized as UNESCO immaterial HERITAGE.

Resources needed

It is necessary to have permanent staff to maintain opened the Ecomuseum all year long.
It would be necessary to revitalize the whole Regional network of the Ecomuseums connecting them to transantional initiatives.

Evidence of success

The Ecomuseum has hosted some promotional initiatives connected with ERASMUS + Projects and CRINMA Project.
The Ecomuseum is a reference for demonstrating the capacity of building drystone walls and of using the typical Stone of the LANGHE area.
It is also an attraction for culinary and food experiences and courses connected to local products.

Difficulties encountered

Thanks to CRINMA Project Municipalities of UNCEM get in contact with other European Ecomuseums and discovered better solutions for promoting the local cultural heritage.

Potential for learning or transfer

Thanks to CRINMA a more "digital approach" was taken in consideration to promote the cultural heritage, as for example, APPs for the smartphones.

The Ecomuseum of terraces must became a part of the organized network of small museums and cultural attractions of the area.

This process of organisation of the cultural network of Mountain area heritage will be part of a project hopefully financed in the framework of the National Programme "AREE INTERNE".
Main institution
Piemonte, Italy (Italia)
Start Date
August 2017
End Date


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