2i3T promotes business incubation and technology transfer of the Turin’s University, for enhancing the results of academic research in a economic key
2i3T aims to develop local economy by speeding up the creation of innovative start-up companies in knowledge intense sectors and better exploiting the results of academic research. The 2i3T incubator puts its emphasis on the liason between University and Industry, and encourages the fusion of academic skills and managerial competence. In 2016 2i3T has run a knowledge transfer activity in the field of regenerative medicine promoted by a Biomedical multinational company.
2i3T aims to develop a suitable environment for creative entrepreneurship and the Technology Transfer process. Indeed, 2i3T facilitates Knowledge Transfer between University Scouting activities; thanks to scouting activities 2i3T has reached in the University almost 1.500 competences mapped, developing a dataset.
The Incubator 2i3T also provides a team for training activities towards creating a Business Plan: pre-incubation and incubation period (with high quality laboratory space).
Since 2015 2i3T established a partnership with Junior Achievement, an international NPO devoted to economic education of young people, in order to promote entrepreneurship to students of high schools of Piedmont.
The incubator has several stakeholder public and private: Institution engaged in job creation, investors (Business angels, corporate venture, venture capital) companies, business associations, professionals.
The main beneficiaries are university students, PhD students and Researchers of the University.

Resources needed

2i3T has never received any contribution for operations from the shareholders and looks for resources from EU and national programmes.
Human resources count on 13 units of personnel 10FTE, 3PT), 75% female, 25% male, average age 43yrs, 92% graduate, 77% Phds.
Turnover: 1,650k€ (average 2015 – 2017

Evidence of success

72 launched start up
25 startups in incubation
35 startups that successfully completed the incubation
23 on monitoring
9 out of buiness

Difficulties encountered

The company was founded in 2003 with 50k€ of capital.
Strong commitment from the territory on knowledge transfer, particularly of public institutions, were crucial for the development of the activity in order to support the creation of sustainable innovative startups

Potential for learning or transfer

Since 2017 2i3T supported the University of Turin in the project “Satellit” (solutions académiques pour le territoire euro-méditerranéen leader d’innovations et transferts technologiques d’excellence), an Erasmus+ programme, that aims to transfer practice in knowledge transfer and entrepreneurship to Universities of the “Maghreb area” (Tunisia,
Morocco and Algeria). The activities have been directed to investigate the different models of relationship between university and business, Institution, public bodies and the ecosystem of innovation.
Main institution
2i3T – Incubatore d’Imprese e per il Trasferimento Tecnologico dell’Università degli Studi di Torino
Piemonte, Italy (Italia)
Start Date
May 2007
End Date


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