Construction of an exhibition center in accordance with the green architecture and the principles of EE and RES
The overall concept of the Flora Exposition Center is based on three main pillars - functionality, aesthetics, and economy. The design and construction of the site complied with the main principles of the Strategy for Sustainable Energy Development of the Municipality of Bourgas, which focuses on low energy consumption, utilization of renewable energy sources and resources and environmental protection. The building incorporates a series of measures that form the "green" identity of the exhibition centre and add value to the original architectural solution, as following:
• Photovoltaic system
• Roof landscaping and facade panels with vegetation
• Utilization of rainwater
• Natural light in all rooms and offices
• LED lighting
• Ventilation and air-conditioning
• Glass facades are low-emission glass
The building of the exhibition center is designed to replace the old and resource-intensive halls for the annual Flower Exposition. It sets a new standard in the design and construction of new municipal buildings as it integrates different components of "green architecture". As a result of the pilot implementation of part of the environmental measures, we can now say that they have been multiplied and in the case of projects for the renovation of municipal grids - green facades and roofs, the photovoltaic installation and the rainwater recovery tanks make this building different.

Resources needed

Budget 3 473 000 BGN
Finance: Financial mechanism of JESSICA (Joint European Support for Sustainable Investment in City Areas)

Evidence of success

The implementation of the project provided the municipality with a new perspective on the public buildings’ reconstruction. The building incorporates a series of measures that form the "green" identity of the exhibition centre and add value to the original architectural solution.
As the building is newly built, it is not possible to estimate the saved energy and CO2 emissions, but the photovoltaic panel system provides an annual renewable energy output of 15, 773kwh.

Difficulties encountered

A major difficulty was the initial public attitude-building would be built in the place of exposition halls with a rich 30-year history. The other theme of concern was the location of the building – in the heart of the city sea garden. Due to the fact design of the building aimed to be eco-friendly.

Potential for learning or transfer

A lot of the measures had already been implemented in other public buildings. The most commonly implemented measures are the RES installations, the water tanks for rain water, and shading again overheating of the buildings.

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Main institution
Bourgas municipality
Северен централен, Bulgaria (България)
Start Date
November 2014
End Date
May 2015


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