Increasing the energy efficiency of the central heating system of three public buildings in the municipality of Bourgas, Meden Rudnik Residential Area
The overall objective of the project is to increase the energy efficiency and the share of the renewable energy sources used by introducing modern heating technologies in the district Meden Rudnik and sharing good European practices. The specific goals are:
- Replacement of old and inefficient heating capacities at RED - "Meden Rudnik";
- Discontinue the use of non-viable fuel sources and reduce operating costs;
-Raise awareness on the environmental problems of adolescents and residents of Bourgas through the implementation of specialized information campaigns and trainings.
The power plant is used to heat two schools and one kindergarten. The amount of direct beneficiaries is 2288 people including children, staff, students as well as special educational needs.
As a result, the thermal comfort in the buildings has been improved, the heating costs and the use of energy from renewable sources has been reduced. In addition, the energy losses have been reduced as a result of the depreciated piped roads without isolation, capacity has been built and a work plan optimized for the operation of the plant .
The project is implemented according to the municipal policies and plans for improving the energy efficiency and the introduction of renewable energy sources in the municipal buildings.

Resources needed

The total amount of the project is 824 520 BGN. Investment is under Program "Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy": "Measures to Increase Energy Efficiency and Use of Renewable Energy in Municipal and State Buildings and Local Heating Systems.

Evidence of success

The implementation of the project resulted in a saving of 207 298 BGN/y, which generates a payback period of 4.72 years.
In the implementation of the project the following results were achieved:
 557.80 t / y. reduction of carbon dioxide emissions;
 Renewable Energy Production - 1,074.79 MWh / year;
 Installed real power - 1 650 KW;
 Replaced 1 200 m pipe network with new pre-insulated pipes;
 Ecological equivalent of saved energy - 508 tonnes of CO2/y.

Difficulties encountered

The preparation of the technical personnel who would maintain the heating plant was a challenge. Within the project a number of trainings were organised that allowed achieving increased energy savings.

Potential for learning or transfer

The Kindergarten in the village of Ravnets – it currently consumes diesel as a primary energy sources and is planned to be switched to pellets.

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Main institution
Municipality of Bourgas
Северен централен, Bulgaria (България)
Start Date
January 2015
End Date
December 2016


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