Ccollection of bulky waste in the all district of “Les Moulins” which is sorted in order to take back what can be repaired and sold in the retail space.
The local authority deals with the collection of bulky waste in the all district of “Les Moulins”. The waste collected and delivered to the reuse and repair facility is sorted in order to recuperate what can be repaired and then sold at the retail store.

The recycling center is not only focused on repairing bulky waste, but also serves a wider social purpose. The site employs people who have difficulties in the labor market. Nine out of 12 workers on the site are employed temporarily through an integration programme, providing them with the opportunity to gain confidence in their capabilities of finding a better job. The center also works to integrate citizens. A botanical and pedagogical garden has been built within the area, which people can bring their plants to, and collect fruits or herbs from. The plants grow on natural compost from nearby composters, so they are 100 % organic. Volunteers are responsible for the maintenance of the garden. The center has also an educational function – it spreads awareness around environmental issues. Nature lessons are conducted on site, so pupils have an opportunity to see the process of planting. Workshops for youngsters are conducted in the workshop of the center as well. This enables them to find out what recycling is and produce some of their own items from waste, such as robots.

Resources needed

Running costs equal to 45 000 €/year for operating expenditures such as waste treatment, water, electricity and various other costs. 187 500 €/year for operating expenditures for the site’s management in a public tender framework reserved to social solidarity economy enterprises.

Evidence of success

The area covered by this repair and reuse plant counts approximately 12 000 inhabitants. For that kind of activity, the enterprise expects at least a visit of the 5% of the inhabitants per month. Due to the recent opening it is difficult to assess other success factors

Difficulties encountered


Potential for learning or transfer

This project provides and brings circular economy principles to parts of urban areas not necessarily being equipped with such opportunities and habits. Such a facility not only ensures the inclusion of the locals in the circular economy but also improves waste management performances of the local or regional authority, as it enhances reuse and repair practices. As the facility includes a resale are, local inhabitants are also able to acquire affordable items. At the same time, for such remote areas, not necessarily well included in existing non-formal education and awareness raising programmes, such a facility offers valuable education and on hand experience for all ages. In terms of social inclusion and contribution to the society, such facilities could employ numerous vulnerable social groups (unqualified workforce, refugees, former prisoners etc.) and provide them with employment.
Main institution
Metropole Nice - Cote d'Azur
Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, France
Start Date
May 2018
End Date


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