Ancona Municipality since 2012 adopted myCicero, a multichannel and interoperable technological platform supporting parking and public transport ticketing
Ancona Municipality, capital city of Marche Region, counts 101.258 inhabitants within a territory of 124,84 squared km. Ancona adopted myCicero platform to improve access to mobility services .
MyCicero is a suite of evolved services for businesses and prompt access for citizens, implemented by PluService, an Italian private company placed in Marche Region. With myCicero it is possible not only to find information about the territory and the possible ways to discover it (e.g. museums, theaters, events, shows), but also to know the most convenient and fastest transport modes to reach such locations available in real time.
The tool is easily customized on the specific requirements of users concerning the mobility, transport, car parks and limited traffic areas, purchases and customer loyalty programmes, public utilities, accommodation and culture.
All these aspects are accessible in remote mode – through the web – and on the move via smartphone, downloading a specific application.
The city of Ancona adopted MyCicero for two main services:
Payment for roadside parking since 2012; the main advantage is to pay the effective use (per minute), and extend the rest in case of necessity directly by the mobile app.
Purchase of bus ticket since 2015. Ancona Municipality implemented myCicero service on local public transport through its transport company (Conerobus / ATMA). Users can buy a bus ticket by the mobile app, and validate it on bus by a QR code.

Resources needed

About 10.000 € of starting cost to setting up the parking payment service and to interface the bus electronic ticket with local transport’s platform. The company holds a share of revenue generated by parking fees, and a share of revenue by bus tickets proportional to traffic volume generated.

Evidence of success

myCicero is providing to users an easy way to search for best travel solutions and buy bus tickets. In Ancona the use of the platform is increasing each year, and myCicero is integrating mobility services in over 5,000 Italian municipalities. This services are accessible for all user with the same account of own city. More than 500.000 downloads of the app for smartphones are registered. Ancona is considering to integrate other services like car / bike sharing to myCicero platform

Difficulties encountered

One main problem to develop integrated transport services is to have multi channel data connections from several sources. Through myCicero platform it has been possible to connect information of local public transport with inter-regional connections as the railways network

Potential for learning or transfer

The practice has been presented during the Interregional Thematic Workshop of TRAM Project on “Smart Technologies and ITS as key enabler for urban mobility” held in 2018 in Ancona, and TRAM partners evidenced following key elements in terms the transferability of the action.
MyCicero, facilitating access to payment services for bus and parking, reduces risk of evasion.
From the experience of Ancona on MyCicero system use, the Municipality improved the knowledge of the new technologies applied to mobility sector, saving resources for the management of activated services. This allows to reach higher levels of effectiveness and use the saving resorces for other initiatives.
The analysis of data generated by myCicero platform made it possible to know the characteristics of users, in order to realize specific solution; in Ancona conventions and promotions have been activated at certain period of the year (Christmas, etc.) or for particular categories of users (university students, etc.

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Main institution
Ancona Municipality
Marche, Italy (Italia)
Start Date
January 2012
End Date


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