The Emergency Manual contains relevant information and guidelines to secure the continuation of a company in case of an emergency of the owner (accident, death)
Emergencies like serious illness, accident or even death of the company owner often cause the incapacity to continue the business. No arrangements or regulations concerning responsibilities, competences, financial issues, passwords etc. have been set. But who isn´t prepared endangers the survival of the company! Who shall take care of the company – temporarily or even permanently? A family member? An employee? Is external support needed?
The Emergency Manual is supposed to be used as a template that contains all relevant arrangements for the unexpected absence of the owner. Following data should be included:
* Fundamental regulations (e.g. persons to be informed, responsibilities)
* Financial issues (e.g. bank accounts, loans, insurance policies)
* Contracts and notarial documents
* Company data (e.g. key customers, key suppliers, legal disputes, warranties)
* Passwords / access data
* Personal/individual wishes and ideas
The template is provided on websites of 60 various German Chambers of Commerce and Industry as PDF file. No login or registration is required. The usage is free of charge. The template can be downloaded, filled and saved. It is recommended to print it and put down together with all the belonging documents.
It is necessary to regularly check and update (if needed) all the information (at least once a year).
Family members and/or key staff should be included in (or at least informed about) the elaboration of these arrangements.

Resources needed

About 20.000 € have been calculated
• for programming and hosting the online version and
• drawing up a printable template (incl. image rights)
The CCI in charge of this manual sells licenses to other CCIs who want to use it. Costs for licenses are 338,30 €. Further costs for printing.

Evidence of success

About 60 CCIs in Germany bought a license for the Emergency Manual and promote it actively in their regions. Since it is offered for free and without registration there are no figures about how many company owners use it. But since employees of the CCIs continue to raise awareness for the topic and include it into their consultations it is assumed that the number of users is constantly increasing.

Potential for learning or transfer

Each and every company, no matter what size it has or what sector it is working in, can be affected by an unexpected absence of the company owner. From our experience in many cases this leads to the closure of the company. A well planned deputizing or succession can help to avoid the loss of knowledge and jobs. The emergency manual can be of high value because it contains all the required information to secure the continuation of affected companies. Furthermore it can be adapted individually.
Of course, the bigger the company the higher the probability that regulations and preparations have been set. Therefore this tool is more useful for smaller companies.
For the transfer of this tool it is necessary to buy a license from the CCI in charge of the emergency manual.

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Main institution
Hamburg Chamber of Commerce
Hamburg, Germany (Deutschland)
Start Date
December 2014
End Date


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