Increasing energy efficiency and reducing costs for energy through insulation of block of flats, replacement of windows, renovation of roof and basement
The thermal rehabilitation of 4 blocks of flats, situated in the city center in Iasi, Romania (Piata Unirii 7-11 and Str V. Alecsandri). These were old buildings, from the ’60-‘70s, highly degraded and energy consuming, with pipes networks for utilities and some parts seriously affected by the weather during the time (rooftop and basement, some parts of walls, windows frames). The inhabitants of the apartments inside these blocks of flats complained all the time about the high cost caused by these malfunctions and about the ugly aspect of the buildings. The municipal project supported investments in energy efficiency renovation of the housing blocks in the city center of Iasi for families with an average income below 350 Euros/month.
The technical project included enveloping facades with insulating material, changing exterior carpentry with PVC windows with double glazing, upper terrace of the building restoration and upgrading of district heating in the basement, where appropriate.
Funding work have been advanced by the Municipality, costs being shared between the Municipality, the Owners Associations and Government budget through European funds, which are also the main stakeholders, Main beneficiaries are the inhabitants of these blocs of flats, about 480 people.

Resources needed

about 1.940.000 lei including VAT

Evidence of success

increased energy efficiency resulting increased quality of services/quality of life, with lower cost and an improved aspect of the building; decrease of utilities costs between 10% to 30% (mainly during winter); increased safety of the buildings

Difficulties encountered

convincing all the inhabitants/owners of the apartments to co-finance the costs; new cost occurring during the implementation caused by new issued identified during the works (inside walls damaged by water infiltration, utilities network /pipes damaged)

Potential for learning or transfer

This practice has a high potential to be transferred, mainly to East European Countries, which have the same "communist" architecture specificity (block of flats) with similar issues
Main institution
Iasi Municipality
Nord-Est, Romania (România)
Start Date
June 2012
End Date
June 2016


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