SUAP model able to guarantee the rationalization of the administrative action, the reduction of burdens on companies and the simplifications.
In Italy the One Stop Shop for Productive Activities (SUAP) is a municipal one. The current reference standards are largely implemented by Directive 2006/123/EC. Over time the organizational discretion of the individual municipalities has gone to load the SUAP of functions that are foreign to it. Today the Municipality of Florence believes that it has to tend towards a SUAP that focuses on its typical function of coordination of obligations and procedures moving from the formal regularity checks broadly understood, to the single procedure with the awareness of having to ensure in any case the function of sole interlocutor of the company, with respect to the other public administrations involved, as well as the guarantor of compliance with the times of execution of the same, as well as of their legitimacy under the procedural profiles especially from a legal point of view. In this regard it is essential to have a highly specialized legal support in the branches of law concerning economic activities, with regard to administrative procedures and documentation. The authoritativeness of this is a condition for encouraging the sharing of fundamental legal choices - by the varied audience, as for experience and training- especially in the supra-municipal area, also for the purposes of engineering and of the standardization of processes as well as the use of single acceptors of "practices" and portals of a level, above all, regional.

Resources needed

The human and financial resources are those ordinarily destined to the OSS Coordination office and legal support of the Economic Activities Department. The staff was autonomously trained and increased their competence and professionalism thanks also to the experience gained in the same field of work

Evidence of success

1) STAR membership for the profiles related to the implementation of standardized and unified models; boost towards the implementation of formal regularity checks and the issue of the enabling receipt.
2) Results of our participation to the tables for standardized models as reference experts (the result is accreditation).
3) Participation to regulatory consultation results (Anci and surroundings).

Difficulties encountered

Concentration in one, which seemed the way to achieve rationalization, under the electronic system is showing detrimental of simplification principle. Only by transferring the focus to the interest of the companies we will be able to guarantee the all-encompassing competence of the OSS not realized.

Potential for learning or transfer

Focusing on the high professionalization of the coordination function and on the legal support, besides improving the quality of the service, it makes it possible to provide an authoritative and effective contribution to the supra-municipal levels of coordination, in the definition of homogeneous procedural standards and, moreover, to influence the production of reference legislation, at various levels (regional and statal), through qualified participation in the respective working groups and institutional consultations. The monitoring of the application of the rules, especially those of simplification of obligations and procedures, as well as the liberalization of economic activities by the SUAP, aims to provide the practical feedback to be elaborated also for such purposes, with favorable effects of return on the modus operandi of the SUAP. On this point the interest of Greece has been received and, for the profiles related to the telematic projection, by the Region of Catalonia.
Main institution
Municipality of Florence
Toscana, Italy (Italia)
Start Date
June 2011
End Date


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