The main mission of NBC is to implement the concept of a one-stop-shop offering a wide portfolio of information and supplementary services to all entrepreneurs.
The strategic goal of the national project was to create a National Business Centre (NBC) as an interface among the private/business sector, research and development. NBC is implementing a concept of a one-stop-shop offering a wide portfolio of services for all starting and established businesses in different stages of their life cycles.
NBC offers three types of support and services:
a) Support for starting a business;
b) Business support;
c) Innovation support.

Creative point (CP) is one of the several sections of NBC (f.e. Front Office, Co-working area, Incubation, Acceleration, Internship and Growth programe). The main goal of CP is to provide access to new technologies – enhancing creativity, knowledge sharing or proven procedures to a wide target group and inspiring entrepreneurs. NBC with Creative Point services goes deeper with the support to SMEs and offers also besides information and supplementary services access to technology and possibility to creating modules and prototypes as well as development of new products. This CP can be defined as a “lab” focused on the area of CCIs.The CP activities are free of charge and covers services such as access to devices and technologies in CP; organizing training and informational events; providing individual counseling services.

NBC including its CP represents a unique service window, that connects all types of different services at one place and takes part in boosting CCIs contribution to regional development.

Resources needed

Operational Programme Research and Innovation – National project: Establishment and Development of the National Business Centre in Slovakia – 1st phase: 9 989 602,86 €.

Evidence of success

NBC hosted a number of events (in 2017 11 worshops/ 209 participants; e.g. Fashion business; Summer Business School: On the road to your own e-shop; Branding; Intellectual property rights etc.). Concerning CP, it is the largest creative lab in SVK and also raises awareness of digital fabrication and technology utilization for business purposes. NBC was invited to many foreign events such as MakerFaire Vienna or MakerFaire Rome, to present not only their workshops but also projects from the CP.

Difficulties encountered

Concerning the experience of Creative point, the biggest problem is the weak awareness of technologies, digital fabrication & building of the community from scratch. In cooperation with secondary schools, we met with reluctance to participate in the student's technology education.

Potential for learning or transfer

NBC has been created as a one-stop-shop centre for clients who already have their own business they wish to expand, as well as for the non-entrepreneurs who are aspiring to build one. Various workshops and seminars are regularly organized with the aim to expand the knowledge and business skills of NBC clients. All NBC events are published regularly on social media and NBC also cooperate with local schools and universities and advertise its activities among student communities.
The NBC is implemented by Slovak Business Agency, which founding members are Ministry of Economy but also Association of Entrepreneurs of Slovakia. This shows a common aim of public and private sector to support the SMEs and provide them services through collaboration with other Slovak or foreign organizations to make sure they would be able to meet the market needs more effectively. Even though NBC was implemented only recently, it proved to fill the gap in missing support for SMEs, creative ones included.

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Main institution
Slovak Business Agency
Bratislavský kraj, Slovakia (Slovensko)
Start Date
May 2014
End Date


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