Nexto app helps discover and explore over 40 cultural heritage destinations across Slovenia. Provides experience and stories about places, people and artefacts.
Nexto is turning audio guides into games to make sightseeing more interactive and heritage more exciting and accessible to younger generation. This mobile app, running on iOS and Android, enhances classic audio experience and uses Bluetooth or GPS sensors to detect the user's location and draws attention to nearby attractions.
It is a cultural engagement platform that enables creation and delivery of interactive location based narratives that turn visitor experience of cultural tourism destinations (museums, nature parks, historic cities, archaeological sites ...) into gamified adventures with elements of augmented reality (AR). Through AR, ruins can be reconstructed to their old glory, and different layers of famous paintings can be revealed.
Nexto covers all major museums, galleries, and other cultural and intangible heritage destinations in Slovenia, such as the Romuald’s Path of the Passion in Škofja Loka (on UNESCO’s Intangible Heritage List).
The experiences themselves combine traditional audio guide content with mini games like puzzles, riddles, and hunting down virtual items at real-world locations by scan with a phone.
By choosing clearly marked (interactive) maps one can navigate and see selected objects as if with an experienced museum guide and discover all the secrets spots of a destination.
Unique Facebook and Snapchat selfie filters also add to the experience. The app operates in offline mode and all content can be pre-loaded over Wi-Fi and used on the go.

Resources needed

50,000 to 100,000 EUR of basic development investment is needed to market an application like Nexto. Amount is not just bare capital, but also a contribution in time, work, knowledge. Market success is never ensured, tireless testing of end-user applications is necessary and constant communication.

Evidence of success

June 2018: Nexto participated in Travel Tech Bootcamp, hosted by Eilat Tech Hub (Israel) and was recognized as the best and most perspective startup and was awarded the first prize.
December 2017: Participation in the Booster Lab in Barcelona, dedicated to early-stage startups. Nexto was awarded with the highest grant.
November 2017: They were chosen to compete in TechCrunch Battlefield Berlin, a prestigious startup competition, along with 14 other startups from around the world.

Difficulties encountered

Nexto will have to compete with traditional audio guide companies that have expensive set-up costs as venues have to buy hardware to rent out and must be centralized. Nexto’s cloud availability and lack of dedicated hardware makes it more applicable to tours that don’t have a defined starting point.

Potential for learning or transfer

Most cultural content today is being communicated in a boring, passive way. With outdated delivery methods. Sightseeing while traveling is exciting in itself, but this quiz-based travel app manages to add to that excitement while also giving travellers a cultural and historical education. The app includes AR games and quizzes centred on myths, folklore, and famous aspects of various historical regions, making for an engaging blend of entertainment and learning. It also includes virtual souvenirs in the form of AR trophies, encouraging users to compare their travels to others'.
Inclusion of the Romuald’s Path of the Passion in Škofja Loka in the app is a result of close cooperation between the private sector and public local institutions – including the bearer of the heritage (Škofja Loka Municipality).
Currently, success of the app is in the traveling field, but there is potential to introduce this kind of quiz-based experience also in the field different public services, events.
Main institution
Proxima Interactive Agency, Navipro d.o.o.
Zahodna Slovenija, Slovenia (Slovenija)
Start Date
May 2015
End Date


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