App for a City that includes all information for citizen and tourists
The HalberStadt app helps you discover, live and work in Halberstadt:
You can discover the unique Halberstadt cathedral treasure, culinary highlights as well as information about hotels. About the mobile citizen information, everyone can also find out on the way about opening hours and responsibility of public authorities.
What's going on in Halberstadt? Events and press releases of the city are always ready with the app immediately.
The Halberstadt App also informs about available commercial properties. Commercial real estates can be investigated online and comprehensively - a service of the Halberstädter
Entrepreneur offices.

Resources needed

The development of the app is carried out by external providers in close coordination with the administration. The creation was accompanied by a member of staff.
Since the app is combined with the website, the daily maintenance effort is minimal.

Evidence of success

On 22.05.2014 the final conference of the INTERREG IVC programme of the
EU for the 2007-2013 programming period took place. The Halberstadt App was used in this context as an example of the successful use of
Information and communication technology to promote rural development.
In 2015 the HalberStadt-App was awarded for the special prize "Pioneer 2014" of the Investment and Marketing Company of the State of Saxony-Anhalt.

Difficulties encountered

no challenges

Potential for learning or transfer

The Web 2.0 revolution is being seen as a structural change in the communication model. In the past, the Internet was considered as a medium for information; today it is more and more a medium for social contacts. Information given by the internet are often the basis for decision-making in tourism services.
In 2011 the city Halberstadt started to develop a strategy for mobile services. In autumn 2011, for example, the first full city App in Saxony-Anhalt - the Halberstadt App – was ready.
Since then, it has been permanently developed further and, together with Social Media
Applications such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram it became an indispensable marketing tool of the city of Halberstadt.
Since March 2014, the Halberstadt App (as the first in Saxony-Anhalt) has made it possible to book directly the overnight stays. Since 12 May of the same year it offers all important information for people with mobility impairments.
Main institution
City of Halberstadt
Other, Afghanistan
Start Date
April 2011
End Date


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