Inclusion of EMAS in the public transport tender by Metropolitan Area of Barcelona
A Public transport tender has included a clause requiring that the awarded company must implement EMAS during the first 18 months after the signature of the contract (in the case of a non EMAS registered organisation). In that case, all companies have equal right to participate in the tendering, if the one who wins is already EMAS registered, then it has an advantage, but if not, then it’ll have to upgrade to EMAS within 18 months. This has already stimulated other organizations of the same sector. The text of the clause includes in the mentioned tender:
“Service Quality indicators”
Environmental Impact: Values the effect on the environment caused by a transport service public. The winning company must have, within a maximum period of 18 months years from the date of opening of the service, an Environmental Management System accordingly to EMAS Regulation, with the aim of reducing the environmental impact of the operation of the service. In a maximum period of 18 months from the date of the opening of the service, the winning company is committed to obtaining the certification according to the following quality standards:
- Standard UNE 13816
- EMAS Regulation.
Once the certificates have been obtained, the organization will have to perform the relevant audits in order to maintain the validity of certificates during the contract.

Resources needed

It does not imply any extra expenses for the contracting administration.
The expenses are for the awarded company in the case they are not EMAS registered (mainly auditing process and EMS implementation if they do not have any).

Evidence of success

In Catalonia, the clause has been already included in a tender and organisations from the transport sector has already upgraded to EMAS. Two of these organisations have declared that they move to EMAS because of they saw it in the public tenders.

Potential for learning or transfer

This practice provides extra added value to EMAS registered organisations.
There are no available statistics on the environmental results of it, but it certainly improves:
- Legal compliance of those organisations participating to the tenders
- Transparency
- Availability of environmental data
There are not technical barriers:
- The period of time for achieving EMAS registration (2 years) is appropriate
- The sector where it can be implemented are usually “matured” so it makes sense to ask for a systematic approach in environmental management
- Organisations participating to tenders usually have other management systems, that could help in the integration of environmental aspects (quality, energy management, etc.).

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Main institution
Barcelona Metropolitan Area
Cataluña, Spain (España)
Start Date
June 2016
End Date


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