Increased competitiveness of cluster and cluster member SMEs by establishing innovative value chain.
SMEs working in plastic industry created Plastic cluster to develop their business and growth by offering new and better products. To stay competitive on the market innovative value chain was established which comprises: Injection moulding; Extrusion; Blowing; Design; Tooling; Prototyping; Thermoforming and Subcontracting.
Cluster currently includes 14 companies and is a reliable network of the plastics industry enterprises – developers and producers of high added value, innovative and competitive technological products. Cluster has developed a mission to facilitate networking among partners and in use of the different levels of expertise identify opportunities, increase competitiveness, the return on investment as well as inspire and support partners in their leadership in innovation and market.
Chosen direction was successful and it is proven by results accomplished in a short time: turnover of member companies is growing, they are expanding into existing markets and looking for new ones. Cluster participates in national “InoLink” platform, implements BSR “Innovation Express” project to expand international and inter-sectoral cooperation between Danish and Lithuanian clusters. Cluster joined ECP4 and European Plastics converters platforms.
Cluster has the Bronze and seeking for Silver Cluster Label. In addition, Cluster strengthens its potential for innovations, training specialists etc. The main stakeholders and beneficiaries are companies and research institutions.

Resources needed

In order to complete the value chain, most important resource was time of all stakeholders and coordinator. It took more than one year to meet all the interested companies, to agree on shared interests, common values and joint actions.

Evidence of success

Evidence of succes can be seen physically: innovative value chain has been established, new machinery equipment for plastics moulding created, new innovative products developed inside the value chain, export volumes are growing. Cluster established relations with many international partners.
Plastic Cluster companies turnover is 89 M Euro.
More than 60% of production is exported.
Approx. 1200 work places established

Difficulties encountered

3 key challenges were encountered during practice implementation process: lack of cooperation skills, lack of trust and coordination itself.

Potential for learning or transfer

It is valuable story to share when few very motivated companies with a clear vision of future and deep understanding of innovation potential manage to gather around and unite other like-minded companies. Most important, during the whole process of cluster’s creation and establishment of innovative value chain many lessons were learnt: culture of negotiation and cooperation, trust building, joint strategy development, etc.
Main institution
Agency for Science, innovation and technology (MITA)
Lietuva, Lithuania (Lietuva)
Start Date
January 2015
End Date


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