Creating a world class bordercrossing innovation system
ecoINSIDE is a project about climate-driven growth in Inner Scandinavia, a cross-border region containing the 4 regions Akershus & Hedmark (Norway) and Dalarna & Värmland (Sweden). Through commitment to green economic development through cross-border cooperation, the project aims to achieve added value and solve environmental & climate challenges. This is done by utilizing different skills and strengths, and establish cooperation between business, research and innovation environments across the border. Though ecoINSIDE a systematised approach to attract foreign investments and new international cooperation partners for innovative companies in the green industry sector is developed.
The approach consists of:
- The establishment of a common web site where innovative companies in the green insustry sector showcase their solutions. This makes it easy for Interested investors and potential cooperation partners to find suitable companies. They pick the companies / solutions they are interested in.
- "Green visits secretariat" handles the request and supports match-making and a relevant visiting program. This is a efficient and targeted way to stimulate potential cooperation and partnerships.
- similarly organised secretariats on both side of the border support cross-border match-making and visits

Resources needed

Project budget: 4 452 772 € ecoINSIDE is partially financed by the EU’s regional development programme Interreg Sweden-Norway.

Evidence of success

The private-public partnership model in the project have created new opportunities for involved businesses. 224 companies have received support (participation in innovation projects, feasibility studies etc) . 45 new product to new markets supported.

The access to test beds and the competence ressources on the other side of the border have benefitted companies and research insititutions on both side of the border.

Potential for learning or transfer

efficient and targeted way to stimulate potential cooperation and partnerships; one common entry point to innovative companies through website and secretariat; request and match-making is handled in a professional manner; potential investors and coopertion partners can chose companies/solutions/products tailored for their needs; easily transferable to other regions and/or sectors
Main institution
Lillestrom centre of innovation
Oslo og Akershus, Norway (Norge)
Start Date
July 2015
End Date
June 2018


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