A series of pilot projects in Italy for the development of electric mobility and zero emission mobility.
Enel (National Agency for Electric Energy) has launched a series of pilot projects for the development of electric mobility and zero emission mobility, establishing strategic partnerships with automakers, industry operators and institutions and creating a country-wide recharging network. For public recharging, it was launched a dedicated "e-go ricarica" app. Designed to make it easier for all motorists to recharge their car at Enel’s public recharging stations located around the country. The e-go app enables anyone to recharge their electric vehicle at a service station visible on the app, which can be identified thanks to the integrated geolocation service. The rate of the recharging service is 0.025 euros/minute (1.5 euros per hour). In addition, Enel has developed its "e-go all inclusive" offering for customers, developed together with Nissan. The customer receives a turnkey electric mobility service that includes the car (the Nissan LEAF) and home recharging infrastructure, including installation. Enel's commercial offering also includes direct sales of electric bikes and recharging infrastructure. The latter comprises a variety of models, including the Box Station, Pole Station and Fast Recharge for ultrafast charging.

Resources needed

Progressive investments up to 300mln by 2021, for the national e-infrastructure. While “E-go all inclusive” initiative, offers e-cars and installation of a domestic charging station with a monthly fee of 299 euros. Thanks to the e-go app it will be possible to recharge the car in the nearest column.

Evidence of success

Thanks to the collaborations among Enel, Nissan Italia as well as with and ALD Automotive Italia, solutions offered are tailored to the different needs, ranging from large corporations to SMEs, professionals and other self-employed workers to private individuals. Anyone who drives an EV has free access to the restricted traffic zones of many cities, free curbside parking and an exemption from the car possession tax.

Difficulties encountered

The models of the “integrated electric mobility solutions” involving ENEL with both Nissan Italia and ALD Automotive Italia, would be even more relevant and effective, as they could be extended through a further integration of local governments supports as well as national governments supports.

Potential for learning or transfer

The good practice being good results of partnership, as well as a pragmatic integration among new technologies and infrastructures and innovative IT tools. They both aim to stimulate the market for EVs and to make the life of electric drivers easier.
As for the project of Enel-Nissan Italia, people can drive electric with a turnkey solution that includes the box station for home charging, including installation; the Nissan LEAF, with 30 kWh battery giving it a range of up to 250 km, and the e-go app to locate all electric car charging stations in Italy and recharge their car. "E-go All Inclusive" is available for a fee starting at 299 Euros per month, plus a down payment, and when the contract expires, electric drivers can decide whether to return their cars or keep them and refinance the residual value.
As for the project of Enel-ALD, electric mobility is promoted and diffused with a series of dedicated offers that combine the driving of EVs with the use of charging infrastructure.

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Main institution
Lazio Region Association of Cities and Municipalities
Lazio, Italy (Italia)
Start Date
May 2017
End Date


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