Grant for the recruitment of a foreign trade technician for at least 3 years, run by the Regional Government of Extremadura.
Financed by Regional Funds and European Social Funds (ESF), the Order 31/2014 is a Call for grants to hire foreign trade technicians for a period of 3 years minimum, taking into account the following specific conditions:
a) The recruitment will respond to clearly defined objectives and to an internationalisation plan to be developed by the company.
b) The technician must have higher education (bachelor’s degree) or higher vocational qualification in foreign trade and/or a minimum experience in that field of 6 months. He/ she must also prove knowledge of a foreign language (mother tongue or accredited with a B2 CEFR -Common European Framework of Reference for Languages- certificate or equivalent).
c) It will be an employment contract, full-time, for a minimum period of 3 years. In case the contract is rescinded, the beneficiary can still receive the aid to recruit another technician in replacement. In that case, the beneficiary must fill the vacancy within 3 months since the date the first contract is cancelled.
This aid is a 30.000€ direct grant to be paid in three years (15.000, 10.000 and 5.000 respectively) for the first, second and third year of contract. This aid is only one per beneficiary.
The Order starts with the publication of the Call and usually ends a year after or when the assigned credit finishes.

Resources needed

For the development of this Good Practice, the resources needed are:
• Technical staff support.
• For the 2017 annuity, the Order 31/2014 had a cost/budget of 240,000€, and it will be of 160.000€ for 2018 and 80.000€ for 2019.

Evidence of success

• A total of 27 enterprises have been beneficiaries (16 in 2015 call and 11 in 2016 call) since 2014.
• The Order 31/2014 has become a boost to develop and consolidate the international activity of the SMEs in Extremadura Region (ES).

Potential for learning or transfer

­­The potential for learning of this Good Practice has been identified in relation to:
• It provides SMEs with the support to build-up a professional staff to develop its international strategy.
• This direct grant offers SMEs the possibility of starting with the first steps in foreign markets.
• The Order comes directly from the Regional Government of Extremadura policy for the stimulation of the export activity in the region.

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Main institution
Regional Government of Extremadura
Extremadura, Spain (España)
Start Date
March 2014
End Date


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