SADCE aims at supporting local entrepreneurship, especially of young people. It offers services to entrepreneurs to support their economic activity.
SADCE aims at supporting local entrepreneurship, especially of young people to tackle unemployment. It is an OSS for entrepreneurship, in the vicinity of Kalamaria and Eastern Thessaloniki. SADCE was founded and funded as a subproject of the Operational Plan “Revitalizing the labor residential area of Phinikas in Kalamaria". The Center started operating in spring 2008. It promotes innovation in various ways. A private enterprise may receive aid in 3 different levels: PUBLIC SUPPORT, NETWORKING, INNOVATIVE ACTIONS:
1.PUBLIC SUPPORT offered to entrepreneurs:
• consultancy
• innovation diffusion
• education
• Creation of Mutual Support Network with the Company and Social Partners
• Integration in Networks Entrepreneurship Support Bodies
• Business Registers Creation
• Lifelong Learning for New or Existing Businessmen
• Consulting Services in Business Practice for SMEs
• Youth Business Idea Competitions
The business center cooperates with a) the Trade Association of Kalamaria Municipality for effective information of SMEs, b)with Thessaloniki Professional Chamber and Alexander Innovation Zone S.A. for co-organisation of Events on entrepreneurship development and c)the Laboratory of Economic Analysis and Policy (Economics Department-Aristotle University of Thessaloniki) for writing scientific studies about entrepreneurship and for co-organizing seminars on entrepreneurship to groups of unemployed young people.

Resources needed

SADCE was funded in 2008 under the 3rd Community Support Framework. For the period 2008 - 2009 it operated under a municipal budget of 24,500 €. Since 2009, it is operating with KEDKA's revenues. It employs an administrative officer and a scientific training person (entrepreneurship consultant).

Evidence of success

SADCE since the early years of its operation, has helped many citizens of Kalamaria to write their business plans. It organizes approximately 4 events per year (seminars or events) to help existent enterprises owners, potential entrepreneurs and unemployed people. On a daily basis, it informs citizens of Kalamaria municipality on the financial programmes/calls opent, the procedures of setting-up a business, etc. It iestimated that 120 businesses are served per year.

Difficulties encountered

SADCE has organised business idea competitions. Even though it had the budget to help awarded winners set up a business, it could not proceed due to legal burdens. To overcome this problem, the award was changed from financial to a service: seminars on drafting their business plans.

Potential for learning or transfer

The current GP could be transferred as an idea and concept to other municipalities of Greece where there is no a similar agent which promotes entrepreneurship.
Main institution
Municipality of Kalamaria
Κεντρική Μακεδονία, Greece (Ελλαδα)
Start Date
July 2008
End Date


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