The municipal housing company Östersundshem have used a new strategy for the procurement of new construction projects.This metod could be applied to renovation
This is a new strategy in the procurement of new construction projects regarding that has an impact on the energy effecuincy. Instead of demanding absolute energy demands for the buildings or requesting specific technical solutions, they place a maximum energy demand, for example maximum 70 kWh/m2/year. It gives the entrepreneur the freedom to fins the best solutio
As a reference Östersundshem takes 50 years of energy consumption from the each option into account when they evaluate the best option from the entrepreneurs.
An also the entrepreneurs have to calculate how the investments regarding engergy efficiency will show how to be profitable in a time span of 50 year.
In this procurement strategy entrepreneurs can give tenders based on their best practices. This model gives the entrepreneurs a chance to be innovative, and Östersundshem get a long-term view on energy consumption and costs. This metod could also be applied to renovations.
Regional context
We believe that the model can be implemented in many regions. Perhaps it may drive the implementation of new technologies in rural areas, where it can sometimes take longer before the new technology is established.
It may require a lot of knowledge and expertise to evaluate the various options and their technical solutions.

It is important to require warranty management where the supplier promises to deliver what is to be agreed. Otherwise, compensation will be paid if it is not achieved.

Resources needed

Personell resources and time to change the procurement strategy and routines. It will take longer time than the traditional way.
Expertise to evaluate each procurement tenders and technical solutions. Approximately 10 hours/procurement.

Evidence of success

The two procurements that has been done whit this metod showes a 10 % lower energy consumption in the Buildings.
Then long-term perspektive is used (50 years of energy consumption) the solutions are both energy efficient and economic.
The Fagerskrapan is a very good result were the entrepreneurs included a 2 year op. service of the heating and engergy system of the buiding. It has reached the requirements by a large margin and classification standard silver for the building, gold for energy.

Difficulties encountered

The model requires more time,effort and resources - especially before the new way of working and thinking is in place - in the procurement phase. It need more cooperation and discussions between costumer and entrepreneur. It is a new but innovative way of working and do not follow the traditional.

Potential for learning or transfer

Very good.

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Main institution
Mellersta Norrland, Sweden (Sverige)
Start Date
January 2013
End Date
November 2013


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