All Swedish municipalities can apply to the national Energy Agency for a grant for an municipal Energy and Climate Advisor.
The grant has existed sinced the year 1980. The size of the grant and the assignments for the advisors has evolved over the years as energy issues in society has changed.
- The grant is available for all municipalities
- Local connection
- The energy and climate advisors form several networks, on national, regional and local level for collaboration, exchange of experiences and expertise
- The advisory is performed in form of a project, often a year or two at a time. This allows the Swedish Energy Agency to direct the advisory to priority issues
- Broad expertise and broad mission
- Contributes energy and climate competence in each municipality
Weaknesses /Lessons learned
- It can take a long time from consultation to action, sometimes several years. This makes it difficult to monitor the effects of the advice.
- Since the aid will not cover a full-time service, the energy and climate advisors often have other duties as well. In some municipalities this has caused that the advisory is not done in a good way, other tasks have been given priority. The advisory is often more effective when it is coordinated by several municipalities

Resources needed

The grant is provided by the Swedish Energy Agency. The size of the grant is 28 000 – 43 000 euro/year depending on the number of residents in each municipality. Many municipalities are small and it is common that the grant covers approximately a 40 % service.

Evidence of success

The main success factors is the credibility of the independent advice, the national coverage with a local base
that constitute a channel for the various efforts energy efficiency and reduced environmental impact, as well as the broad and good the skills of the advisers.
A survey conducted by Statistics Sweden on behalf of the Swedish Energy Agency shows that public awareness on energy and climate advice is about 30% of single-family owners and about 18% have been in contact with a advisor.

Potential for learning or transfer

The potential for transfer is good, but requires a long-term commitment to building an organization and general knowledge about the opportunity.

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Main institution
Swedish Energy Agency
Östra Mellansverige, Sweden (Sverige)
Start Date
January 2013
End Date


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