The project's aim was to reduce energy consumption in buildings, specifically housing associations in the region of Jämtland and Västernorrland.
This was done through joint actions of the two regions energy agencies and energy and climate advisors.
The objectives of the project has been to achieve reduced energy consumption in buildings through increased knowledge of energy matters and a systematic energy work in the housing associations.
Housing cooperatives in Sweden (also called tenant-owner’s association) is very common a joint ownership of property in which the whole property is owned by a co-operative association, which is owned by the members. Housing cooperatives represent a large share of all housing in Sweden, 23% to be more precise.
Since every resident want to improve there economy and reduce costs they are a highly interesting target group for energy efficiancy in buildnings.

The 1year project included activities such as meetings, energy information, project meetings/awareness-raising activities for the participants with different themes, counseling visits, collection of energy statistics and writing proposals for action.
The visit by the energy advisor has been appreciated and unions have received practical tips on energy efficiency measures.
Housing cooperatives were identified as an interesting group to work with; they have great potential for energy efficiency but they typically lack the knowledge to make the right and fruitful descisions regarding renovations, refurbishment etc

Resources needed

Approximately 100 000 Euro

Evidence of success

Several housing cooperatives were active during the project to a larger extent and started planning and to work on energy efficiency measures. The project was very appreciated by the participants.

Difficulties encountered

It may take quite a long time from idea/proposal for action to implementation. For ex. it may take time for the board of the associations to make decisions. The project has nevertheless helped to speed up the process to make visible actions and many ideas have been raised. Encouraged and strenghend.

Potential for learning or transfer

Very good if similar organizations, as housing cooperatives are common.
Main institution
Region Jämtland Härjedalen
Mellersta Norrland, Sweden (Sverige)
Start Date
December 2013
End Date
March 2015


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