Usti Region addresses the issue of coordination of national and regional supporting programs, entrepreneurial one stop shop
We verified in the project analytic part, that there exist the number of programmes aimed on the support of business on regional and national level or programmes of various actors. The entrepreneurs do not often find themselves in the complex system. It is necessary to find a model for the coordination and integration of various services on the national and regional level.
As a pilot case we used national start-ups supporting programme called CzechStarter. The purpose the programme is accelerating of the development of start-ups businesses activities, enabling them to acquire the practical experience in product, and service commercialisation of their products and services.
The programme seems to be useful for regional business, but absorption level was insufficient. We decided, that is necessary to establish some structure on regional level (authorized is Innovation Centre of the Usti Region) for preparation of the possible start up founders (“pre-accelerator”). The national support service must be “tailored” for regional conditions and there must be also active “service selling” (solution sales approach).
Ústí Region now seeks the interconnection of stakeholders, coordination and regional aspects of “service customization„ by creating a business “One Stop Shop“ – a contact point where businesses may get information on the supporting programs.

Resources needed

Cost of full one stop shop will be appreciated in Regional action plan till end of PURE COSMOS project.

Evidence of success

It means decreasing transaction costs for business related with the search of a suitable service.
It means increasing efficiency of cooperation and decreasing costs (increasing effectiveness of the service provided) for involved parties.

Difficulties encountered

Main challenge is the communication with national and regional stakeholders. Change approach from public service delivery to "solution selling". So take in to the account also customers/user point of view.

Potential for learning or transfer

In the future, after setting up full one stop shops services.
Main institution
Ustecky Kraj
Severozápad, Czech Republic (Česká Republika)
Start Date
June 2017
End Date


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