Involvement of citizens and stakeholders in climate change and environmental policies and issues.
The abruzzo Region has implemented a successful model of participatory process in the field of climate change, energy and environment, The participatory processes provides for series of meetings and conferences bringing together citizens with expertise from the regional and local governments, energy agencies, private agencies, industries, associations, research institutes and university. Stakeholders can also meet politicians to talk about energy efficiency, sustainable energy and climate change.
 Sharing of citizens feeling about themes such as energy efficiency, sustainable energy and climate change;
 Sharing of citizens expectation from the region, including, for example, about agriculture and tourism;
 Citizens can propose solutions and discuss about challenges and opportunities
 Citizens can share best practices examples

Resources needed

Know-how and support of experts in the field of environment, energy and climate change that could be employed to plan public events and seminars during which share knowledge in the field; a budget for the the realization of the events (location, educational and training materials, etc…).

Evidence of success

The Region of Abruzzo has successfully implemented so far the following initiatives aimed at involving all citizens of the territory:
- the Covenant of Mayors (2010);
- The World Wide Views on Climate and Energy (2015);
- Participatory process aimed at the realization and imple-mentation of the Plan of Adaptation to Climate Change of the region of Abruzzo (2017).

Difficulties encountered

Difficulties: Reaching a relevant number of citizens, including experts and stakeholders, in the implementation of events and initiatives due to the lack of human resources at the energy and environment department dedicated to those kind of activities; Limitation of financial resources.

Potential for learning or transfer

- Involvement of citizens and their awareness about important themes such as renewable energy and climate change;
- Sharing of citizens feelings about these themes;
- Sharing of good examples;
- Training and formation activities;
- Meeting between stakeholder and citizens;
- Improved involvement of all citizens in the regional policies and activities.
Lessons learned:
- Citizens are very concerned with energy, climate and environment issues and they want to have an active role in the regional policy and initiatives.

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Main institution
Abruzzo Region
Abruzzo, Italy (Italia)
Start Date
May 2010
End Date


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