The Abruzzo Regional Council has signed a pact with enterprises in order to follow the way of the sustainable industry.
In November 2016, the Abruzzo Regional Council published the “Pescara Charter”, a pact between Abruzzo Regional Council and enterprise in order to follow the way of a sustainable industry. The Charter is the result of five moths of stimulating debate underpinned by themed round tables with enterprise, and partnerships with universities and research insti-tutes. The Pescara Charter for sustainable industry is inspired by the European Union’s strategic orientation and its policies (such as the Europe 2020 strategy). Abruzzo Regional Council identifies as “sustainable industry” any manufacturing enterprise pursuing one or more of the following areas of sustainability: environmental, economic and social.
 Improvement of the regional industrial sustainability: 61 sustainability conditions have been identified;
 Reduction in CO2 emissions;
 Increasing in energy efficiency and renewable energy investments
 Specific advantages for enterprise committed to pursuing the aims of sustainable industry (for example, simplified procedures, reduction of administrative, national and local taxes, economic concessions and supporting legislation)

Resources needed

No special resources

Evidence of success

- 127 enterprises registered to the Pescara Charter with different level of engagement – basic, intermediate, advanced. The enterprises are different between them ranging from the manufacturing sector to the electronic one or the agribusiness, etc…

Potential for learning or transfer

- Meeting between public authorities and enterprises;
- Sustainability conditions identified;
- Formation of a region-enterprises partnership
- Advantages identification for the enterprises that participate to the pact
- Online platform for adhesion
Main institution
Abruzzo Region
Abruzzo, Italy (Italia)
Start Date
November 2016
End Date


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