The ESCOs models allow that public and private words meet together to realize projects.
In the Abruzzo Region 3 projects (one on the Energy service agreements - EPC, ESC- implemented in a school of the municipality of Pescara; one on the public-private partnership on energy efficiency of clear claps in a real estate of the municipality of Montesilvano; one on the public-private partnership on the swimming pool of Atessa) have been highlighted as good practices within the NEW FINANCE project (Interreg MED).
- Establishments of public-private partnership
- Realization of projects for buildings improvement (for example in term of energy efficiency) by public-private partner-ship
- Lower emissions
- reduction of public expenditure of the municipality
- Increased energy security and reduced dependence on foreign imports
- Outreach and awareness

Resources needed

Mainly financial resources

Evidence of success

- Municipality of Pescara: Seven condensing-type FONTECAL heat generators, installed at a cascade of a total power of 590 [kW].
- Municipality of Montesilvano: energy efficiency of clear claps in a real estate (replacement of closure of glasses, removal of existing window frames and replacement with new glass window frames with thermal transmittance lower than the one required by the current regulation);
- Atessa. solar heating for swimming pools and do-mestic hot water.

Difficulties encountered

Difficulties: ESCOs model is not so known and spread in territory; administrative and bureaucratic constraints.
Lessons: Sharing of experiences and events of training and in-formation on the model are crucial; the role of the region as mediator between ESCOs, banks, municipalities etc is strategic.

Potential for learning or transfer

- preliminary investigation to identify the possible improvements at different levels: engineering, building construction, and management;
- different private and public partnership and oppor-tunities, thus sharing of experience, training and co-operation are essential.
Main institution
Abruzzo Region
Abruzzo, Italy (Italia)
Start Date
September 2008
End Date


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