In Abruzzo Region, it has been developed a dense network (more than 40 centres) of Education Centre for Environment (CEA, in Italian).
These centres constitute a unique reference in the framework of the environmental education and of the sustainability involving in their activities citizens, schools, local Authorities and enterprises. The CEA realize projects focusing on the environmental education, taking into account of the territorial contest in which they operate and through activities such as teaching, didactical stay, training initiatives, furnishing teaching/publicity materials. Moreover, the CEA deal with documentation and communication activities. The participatory process is an important mechanism to improve the learning situations, allowing to each participant to share knowledge and actions with the community. The CEA assume a supporting role of the participatory process, taking into account of the local reality with a global background and, since they are spread throughout the regional territory, they are able to better connet with all stakeholders and citizens. They role is strategic in promoting the "community energy" through the organization of workshops, events and activities and thanks to their extensive network of contacts.

Resources needed

Human resources of all CEAs; private and public fundings.

Evidence of success

- Realization of a network of 43 Centres for the environment in the Abruzzo Region;
- Environmental Education and education to the sustainability about climate change, sustainability and resilience project (2015-2017);
- School at CEA (Energiochi) project (2005-2015). For more details: (in Italian)
- Education and training of citizens, especially students, about the environment;
- Increase of the population sensibility on the issue

Potential for learning or transfer

- Activities organized by the Centres on environmental education
- Regional monitoring and involvement of the Centres
- Training courses involving schools
- Projects between Region, Centres and schools on the themes of the environment protection, sustainability, energy efficiency, renewable energy and cli-mate change
- Creation of local community well integrated in the local realities and involved on environment issues
- Able to disseminate and transfer new models, initiatives and actions through their extensive network of contacts and expertise

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Main institution
Abruzzo Region
Abruzzo, Italy (Italia)
Start Date
July 1999
End Date


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