Support Program aimed to unemployed graduates with interest in foreign trade within the Strategic Plan for Internationalisation of Extremadura.
Financed by Regional Funds and European Social Funds (ESF), FORMACOEX is a Support Program based on training to future export professionals, giving them with the skills and qualifications necessary for the performance of their future work. It is also a tool aimed at fostering the inclusion of Extremadura´ students into the labour market.
FORMACOEX provides:
• Theoretical Training for those interested in acquiring theoretical fundaments in the field of foreign trade. Along this training, face-to-face, aspects such as export in the regional SMEs, the selection of markets to export, international marketing, customs and international taxation will be attended. This training is carried out in person by specialised trainers in international operation and consultants with proven experience in this field.
• Practical Training aimed at those interested in putting into practice their previous theoretical knowledge in foreign trade operations and internationalisation during a period of approximately 6 months. During this period, participants perform tasks related to the implementation of a foreign trade department in a company adhered to the FORMACOEX program. A technical team of permanent tutoring/ monitoring will be created in order to guarantee the assimilation of contents and the fulfilment of tasks for the accomplishment of an international marketing plan simulation.
Students acquire skills and abilities that will help them to work in an autonomous way in the short/medium term

Resources needed

• Technical staff support.
• The budget of FORMACOEX ascend to 82,000€ in 2016, comprising the theoretical course (120 students), monetary deliveries without compensation of the practical training (26 participants) and the complementary training activities to be performed during this period.

Evidence of success

• Around 500 participants have joined the practical training since 2002
• The satisfaction level obtained from the quality survey is around 8 points out of 10 in all editions
• A significant percentage of students have been inserted into the labour market, and on the other hand, an important number of companies ends up betting to strengthen their international strategy.

Potential for learning or transfer

The potential for learning of this Good Practice has been identified in relation to:
• The practical training contents that allow the attendees to acquire basic skills and abilities to better face the implementation of an internationalisation process.
• The fulfilment of expectations from companies and students. The objectives of professionalizing SMEs in their international trade strategies on one side, and students trained as foreign trade technicians on the other side are widely achieved.

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Main institution
Extremadura, Spain (España)
Start Date
January 2002
End Date


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